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ThePro3DStudio provides high-quality CAD services that include 3D modeling, drafting, and detailing of various machine parts and components. Our company also help to create three-dimensional mechanical animations for various machine components, sheet metal products, industrial products, heavy machinery parts, construction machines or any other device to serve varied clients across the globe.

We are fortified with creative talents and extensive technological infrastructures to deliver 3D mechanical drawings, fabrication drawings, or manufacturing drawings with accuracy. We leverage the capabilities of mechanical modeling,rendering and animations using advanced software to support design engineers, manufacturers, fabricators, and contractors.

ThePro3DStudio, being a top-class CAD modeling outsourcing company, can endow businesses with matchless opportunity to carry out the manufacturing process. We can drive maximum return on investment since the early development stages while reducing costs.

Our mechanical cad modeling service propositions

Solid model

3D Solid Modeling

We can create precise three-dimensional renderings for the CAD models of complex, large, or small mechanical parts and components. It helps our clients to effectively carry out the required revisions to improve the product design and development process of the model.

Large assembly design

Large Assembly Design

We craft various 3D CAD models for the large assembly designs to accelerate the pace of their designing process. It can help clients to reduce the production costs by streamlining assessments from the 3D assembly drawings, make the needed changes, and represent the functionality before it is manufactured.

Sheet metal designs

Sheet Metal Designs

We offer all the required mechanical drafting and CAD design support to make the entire sheet metal designing process quicker and efficient. By availing our CAD design services, clients can get better flexibility to create flat patterns and accurately estimate the cost of metal sheet manufacturing.

3d cad models

Weldment And Frame Design

Clients can leverage the support of our 3D mechanical drafting and fabrication designing team to create custom 3D models for a wide range of welded frames, bases, and structures to effectively produce manufacturing documentation and augment the precision of welded assemblies.

Piping and tubing design

Piping And Tubing Design

We can provide 3D designs for efficient piping and tubing to ensure that our clients get exceptional assembly efficiency and performance while improving the manufacturing process. Besides, we generate precise bend tables, BOM, and piping/tubing system designs to support manufacturing.

Industrial equipment design

Industrial Equipment Design

We are highly experienced in converting the 2D assembly drawings into 3D for developing mechanical product designs. We make sure that we create accurate custom 3D models of industrial machinery as per our clients’ needs by using our high-quality drafting and analysis skills.

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Client Testimonials

  • "I always look for high precision in 3D mechanical CAD models because they are complex in nature. ThePro3DStudio has been able to deliver quality without compromising on the integrity of models. "

    Marketing Head, Steel Detailing Firm

    Paris, France

  • "I must admit that ThePro3DStudio is the industry leader when it comes to offering top-notch mechanical 3D animations. They are always raising the bar with improved services. "

    Design Engineer, Manufacturing Company

    Sydney, Australia

Case Studies

CAD models provided for a manufacturing company

3D cad models

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