Animation FAQ

Animation plays an important role in helping to improve the business sales through high quality visuals. ThePro3DStudio provides complete 3D solutions within quick turnaround time. Read here some frequently asked questions by our customers.

  • We have professional 3D animators at our desk, with creative minds and immense experience in the industry.
  • We justify the price for your engineered system or product.
  • Our experts accomplish the projects by themselves and we do not outsource them. We keep the clients updated on the project. Besides, our experts ensure high-quality services in graphics.
  • Our price range is flexible. You may have a look at our animation services prices. We charge on the basis of project complexity.
  • An expert co-ordinator ensures a seamless collaboration with the client with the project. These professionals are from advertisement, engineering or medical background.

Our services include:

  • Product animation
  • Character animation
  • Medical animation
  • Mechanical animation
  • Animation for eLearning

We mainly require the CAD drawings at the outset from the client, besides actual images and reference images of the products. Our experts replicate the looks of these products and develop the graphics with creativity.

In case of conceptual animation, we need a hand sketch of the theme. You must have a consultation with us for customized 3D animation services.

Our clients find it easy to work with us due to the flexibility of the inputs.

We have not fixed formula to determine the cost of each project. The prices are scalable and can be determined after you put forward the project before us.

For most of the projects, we provide a quote to the clients in a short time. In case the project is complicated and carries a detailed storyline, it might take a few hours to convey the estimated prices.Know More

No. Considering the risk involved in creating the animation on ‘Spec’, we do not feel that it is worth using in developing the animatronics.

For animations that are short in length, the time period required is around one or two weeks. However, it may extend to four or more weeks in case of larger projects.Know More

  • We have been collaborating with companies from various segments of the industry, like marketing agencies, educational institutes, advertisement agencies and so on. Various OEMs from the manufacturing and engineering sector are also working with us.
  • Different medical institutes and pharma companies looking for a reputed animation studio have relied on us, and we have been associated for long.
  • We work with both single person organizations, startups and large companies.
  • The animations we produce are compatible with various devices, including mobile phones and iPads.

Our experts develop a 1080p, master HD digital file. However, the output for certain projects may be different, based on the requirement of the client. Our Process of animation is different for individual clients and we aim to tailor them according to their needs.

No. We have been operating in the industry for long, serving clients from various countries. We work online and our customer support team keeps in regular touch with the clients. The experts working with us easily visualize the needs of the customers. They use advanced 3d animation software to develop the desired simulations. We have completed most of the projects without having a face-to face contact with the client.

We exchange all the files through internet and communicate with our clients through emails.