Computer-aided drafting may prove to be a difficult subject for architects who are new to the field. 3D drafting has revolutionized the way how modern-day architects are creating 3D architectural drawings of buildings to support construction and renovation projects.

Architects should understand why they need professional CAD design service and in this article, we have discussed about the manifold features of 3D drafting, which, in turn, would reflect its true potential in impacting the modern architectural field as a whole:

3D CAD Highlights

  1. 3D Modeling

    3D modeling serves as the foundation for 3D drafting. By deploying CAD software, it is possible to create accurate 3D representation of architectural assets and adjoining environments. Architects find it easier to inspect digital models, rectify errors, and improvise designs further from both aesthetic and technical point of view.

    3D modeling allows designers to make revisions a number of times without having to recreate a model from scratch. The use of 3D modeling software allows architects to generate print-ready models that can be easily given a real, solid shape through the use of 3D printing technology. In other words, 3D modeling allows for the creation of physical models of buildings of varied complexity levels with a high level of accuracy.

    For instance, real estate businesses can keep a physical model of their latest condo project at their office or a small-sized replica map of their upcoming theme park project. This would make the projects appear more entertaining to customers, who would get access to detailed information as well.

  2. Point Cloud Use

    Top 3D drafting software applications support point cloud-use as references. This is important because point cloud can accurately represent a real object or a location in a three dimensional space. It is through the laser scanning of the actual construction or renovation site that you can generate point clouds. You can then import the raw images into the CAD software.

    You can create an exact 3D representation of an existing building with a high level of precision using point clouds. This allows an architect to develop complete awareness about a property’s state and identify the areas of improvement, which in turn, would add efficiency to the renovation process and help in the generation of desired outcomes. The process is more likely to prevent project-delays and promote the generation of implementable designs that are accurate from technical point of view.

    architectural drafting
    Architecture 3D Drafting
  3. 3D Rendering

    A vital part of 3D drafting is 3D rendering. During this phase, 3D objects are given a realistic form and appeal through the addition of appropriate lighting, textures, and materials. 3D rendering is the most preferred option when it comes to explaining every aspect of a design to a client in greater detail. If you use a professional 3D architectural rendering service, the professionals would guarantee a high-quality visualization of both the indoor and outdoor spaces.

    You will be able to demonstrate how a property would appear from inside-out from a holistic point of view after it is constructed, which would help you to close sales deals faster. Realistic property images allow prospective homebuyers to gain an in-depth understanding of the property features and to suggest changes in advance so that the construction process can move unhindered, which in turn would save time and money. In a nutshell, 3D rendering services improve overall experience, which in turn boosts brand reputation and improves the sales probability.

  4. 2D Imagery Extraction

    There’s no doubt about the fact that 3D imagery serves as the perfect tool for marketing and demonstrations especially when they are paired with AR and VR technologies. However, construction teams still need 2D drawings in the form of technical drafts. In fact, projects need legal sanctions in order to get approved for construction and this demands appropriate documentations including accurate 2D floor plan drawings.

    However, there’s not much effort involved in converting 2D imageries into 3D drafts and vice versa. When you hire professionals, they can easily convert 3D renders into 2D images, thereby generating the required 2D documentation for the construction team. The details may include layouts of furniture items, elevations, plans of utility systems, mounting layouts, floor plans, etc. They can even add colors and annotation to 2D images to make them more understandable.

  5. Easy Conversion of 2D images to 3D drawings

    3D designers have the knowledge and the expertise to create high-quality 3D models utilizing 2D designs. Paper drafts can be used as references to facilitate a smoother conversion of 2D drawings into 3D images. By using a CAD design service, architects can utilize the functionalities of modern CAD software and develop extraordinarily realistic 3D drawings. Designers can easily trace lines in order to add elements and annotations and can create 3D representations within a short span of time.

These were the five most important benefits of 3D designing, which modern-day architects need to be aware of. With CAD software that comes equipped with powerful tools, it is possible to create photorealistic 3D imagery. Modern software can generate awesome project visuals, allowing marketers to make a holistic use of their campaigns and helping customers imagine how their dream homes might appear in real life and how they can utilize the indoor and outdoor spaces. The use of 3D design technology adds flexibility to the design process, allowing architects to make changes to rectify errors, improvise designs, and makes changes based on homebuyers’ preferences and feedback.

3D drafting can prove to be really useful if an architect knows about the prime features of architectural drafting and its potential to add value to a project. Architects who do not have experience in handling CAD software may consider hiring 3D architectural modeling services in order to get accurate and detailed 3D building models created.

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