Our client is a leading interior designing service provider in Australia and caters to the specialized needs of high-end star hotels. The client enjoys a perfect reputation as a professional designing firm among hotel group across Australia because of its captivating designing services that have helped hotels to earn high customer loyalty.

Project Requirements

The client had received an interior designing contract related to decking up a newly constructed hotel in Sydney. The floor plan of the same had to be designed from scratch and then, the proposed design had to be depicted fromthe 3D perspective for ease of visualization. The 3D rendering had to be provided along with a visually appealing background too. All output images must have high resolution and all objects should be represented with accurate detailing.


Keeping the complexity of the architectural perspective drawing in mind, our 3d designers had to grapple with the details initially. The perspective images as provided by the client were not clear enough to offer better insights into the details of the area. The client also gave us a strict deadline of 30 hours for each rendering cluster while the industry standard was only 48-60 hours.

Our solution

ThePro3DStudio team was not frightened by the challenges. Immediately, 2 ace designers with significant experience in the respective domain were assigned for the 3D floor plan rendering project under the supervision of a project leader. The first perspective drawing was shared with the client to get his approval on the floor plan developed by us. The client was very happy with the outcome and gave us a go-ahead signal. All exchanges with the client were done through secure FTP channel to maintain the integrity of the sensitive documents.


The client was able to retain its competitive edge in the market. We were assured of consistent work on all future projects of the client. ThePro3DStudio assures of optimum results in home interior design 3d rendering realm within the lowest turnaround time.

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