The Client

The client is a medical laboratory & research facility in the US. The facility was established 10 years ago and assists with the diagnosis and treatment of different diseases.


All surgeries come with a risk. A few ones like brain and heart are often complex and can potentially cause more harm to the patient than the others.

In this case, the project requirement was that of eliminating the surgery complications so that the patient receives improved outcomes. The client wanted a 3D sculpture model of a heart to use for the pre-operative planning of the surgery. Along with that, the client also needed 3D sculpts of the surrounding anatomy.

The client wanted to choose a reputed company offering 3D modeling services for support. Since the core of the project was to assure patient safety, the client did not want to take the risk by selecting an amateur service provider for the same.

Finally, the company decided to outsource the project to us and trust us with the job.


Since the project was related to cardiac surgery, it was twice more difficult than any other projects we have handled so far. To ensure no mistakes were made, we employed professionals who had experienced working on the digital sculpting of medical models.

The deadline was strict. Only three days were assigned for the task. And since at ThePro3DStudio, we believe in completing the projects ahead of time, it was quite challenging for us.

Apart from that, another thing that made us worry was to live up to the expectations of the client. Meeting the client’s expectations is one of our main ethics, and we can never afford to compromise it. Despite the deadline being short, we give our best to meet the expectations as well as needs.


We employed advanced 3D sculpting software to carry out the task. A team as well as a project manager was hired to manage the project. Aside from that, other necessary resources were assigned to the team as per their requirement.

Despite the model being complex, we completed the project within two business days. To make the task easier, we divided the project into three parts. Each part was handled by two team members. So, only a team of six professionals were employed.

Once the parts were sculpted, they were combined into one with the help of the digital sculpting software.


Here are the different benefits which the client received.

  • The 3D sculpt model of the heart was delivered according to the given deadline.
  • As per the given commitment, the quality of the 3D sculpts remained intact.
  • Services were cost-effective and did not exceed the budget of the client.
  • The 3D printed model was accurate and helped with the planning of surgery.
  • The final output not only met the client’s expectations but exceeded them.
  • The model was also employed for training and educating young surgeons and researchers.

ThePro3DStudio believes in offering the best 3D sculpting services to clients regardless of the complexity of the project. We have served different healthcare and research center for years across varied specialties.

Apart from this, we also support other industry sectors by developing high-quality 3D sculpt models for their projects. So, if you need help with any of your digital sculpting projects, then kindly reach our website. You can also request free quotes and samples.

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