The Client

The client operates from Australia. His company designs and manufactures modular transmission towers upon which high or low voltage electrical cables and insulators are mounted. The client’s company is a renowned name across Australia as an avant-garde tower manufacturer. The modular towers also can be deployed for restoration of high reach towers during emergency and serve as temporary restoration modules. The client also extends the support for bypassing transmission towers of permanent nature for restoration of power in any terrain type for both low and high voltage requirements.

If electrical cables or permanent transmission structures sustain damage, the towers manufactured by client are put into emergency usage. Power restoration is done at war footing in quick and safe manner on makeshift basis till the permanent structure is restored to good health. Apart from electricity transmission purposes, the towers manufactured by client are used for interim construction phases, building crossing across water bodies or ditches, providing support for access structures to remote areas etc.

Requirements of Client

The client’s company has an in-house R&D engineering section. The designers had developed an attachment that facilitates the tower to function as a crane too under special circumstances for lifting objects to higher altitudes. The design was made with the aim of reducing the expenses involved in executing high reach jobs like erection of fixed high voltage electric tower in far-fetched regions.

To streamline the design of the attachment and enhance its functionality, the client’s engineering team wanted some changes in the 3D assembly to provide scope for integration of addition insulators. Since the work was of intricate nature, the client was apprehensive that the design process would be a long-drawn one. The client wanted to outsource the designing of proposed 3D CAD model to a company which has impeccable track record in this domain. Upon becoming aware of the reliability, efficiency and resource sufficiency of ThePro3DStudio, the client reached out to us to discuss the viability of its 3D modeling project.

The client could pose its trust on our team because each member has significant experience in 3D modeling and have worked for manufacturing sector earlier. Our track record of providing project outcomes within committed deadlines also is impressible. We assured the client that his project would be accorded top priority and a dedicated team of professionals would dedicated exclusively for expediting it. The client also felt assured to learn about our command on industry relevant terms and tower designing intricacies during the course of discussions. We could convince the client that our support would be valuable in developing accurate 3D rendering of new modular assembly. Our proposal was well within client’s budget and we could provide a roadmap for consistently supporting client’s project requirements spread over a course of 12 months.

Challenges Experienced

During the execution of 3D designing project, our team came across a few challenges which we had surmounted successfully.

  • The specifications related to the height of attachment to be used in crane towers were not sufficient and additional inputs were needed
  • Certain vital technical details were not clear and going forward on assumptions could have proved fatal. Hence, we had to wait for client’s inputs that ate away project’s time
  • Our team too had to engage in preliminary research about the parts that could complement the attachment’s modular design well and improve its productivity and efficiency
  • 3D CAD drawings needed client’s consent and only once we had the confirmation, we could move ahead
  • We also had to assess if the design standards conformed to the structure construction codes applicable in Australia so as to tweak our CAD models accordingly

Our Approach

We had adopted a unique approach which was customized to the specific needs of the client.

  • A team of proficient CAD designers was set up under a dedicated Project Manager
  • All proposed changes in tower and insulator designs along with components were factored in
  • Project related specifications were meticulously adhered to
  • 3D models’ viability from the perspective of installation and functionality was assessed and then designed
  • Rigorous tests for ensuring that designs are accurate were carried out
  • During course of project, creation and modification of tower assembly points were done strategically as per client’s dictates
  • Components were added or deleted and same was reflected in Solidworks assembly module
  • Proper provisions for reactive risk mitigation made
  • CAD drawings in 3D were developed as per the standards specified by the client
  • BOM or Bill of Material was developed along with inventory parts in CAD module to facilitate estimation of the costs to be incurred for manufacturing of crane tower

ThePro3DStudio also ensured that additional cost optimization measures are incorporated in our project delivery that would surpass the expectations of the client. We also identified and then clustered components which had the potential of being reused in various projects commissioned by the client. This innovative approach on our part led to reduction in crane tower manufacturing cost by at least 10% and the delivery time for new towers has been reduced by about 15%.

The Results

ThePro3DStudio was successful in meeting the timeline committed to the client. Our team had adhered to highest standards of professional ethos while working on the project. Non-Disclosure Agreement was signed with the client to assure him of the confidentiality of his business sensitive information.

The crane tower attachments’ 3D models were also rendered in high resolution for ease of reference. The 3D models were delivered in a number of formats for ease of porting. The accuracy of the models had delighted the client very much. At each phase, client was taken into confidence and prototypes shared with engineering team. The client assured us that it would outsource all its future projects to us and also spread the word about ThePro3DStudio among its acquaintances.

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