The Client

Our client hailed from Auckland, New Zealand. His company developed virtual reality underpinned games. In recent times, our client had experienced a surge in the demand for virtual reality powered games. To offer compelling experience to customers, the client wanted the incorporation of photo realistic 3d models of superlative resolution in the games. However, the size of files was getting too heavy for seamless gaming experience in mobile or dedicated game device. The client wanted to get the low-poly count models to be optimized significantly to surmount challenges posed by file size. Hence, the client was seeking to outsource the project to a reputed company like ThePro3DStudio which had significant expertise and experience in virtual reality 3d modeling for helping him with completion of the modeling for game art. The client was very particular about schedules and wanted the job within committed tight deadlines without compromising quality on a standard delivery framework.

Challenges Experienced

The client had posed its trust on ThePro3DStudio with the expectation of stellar 3D modeling for creation of low poly 3D models of the gaming environs. Mostly landscaping and imposing architectures had to be modeled. For applying AR/VR models to game, extensively trained and experienced professionals are required. Low poly models have to be delicately handled and manipulated for developing photorealistic models which engages the players and give them an adrenalin racing gaming experience.

For developing complementing atmospherics for the game’s theme, we had to bring together a team of virtual staging artists, 3D modelers, and creative experts. Each member had to be skilled in visualizing architecturally and impeccable modeling to do perfect justice to the intricacies of the project. Interiors had to be embellished with furniture and other objects whereas landscapes and buildings needed to be developed. The client didn’t supply us with .dwg or CAD files and hence figuring out accurate measurements was a challenge.

Our Solution

Offering photorealistic 3D models without an idea of the height of buildings or pictures of the structures was difficult proposition. But ThePro3DStudio leveraged its long experience in the 3D modeling industry and optimized on state of the art digital infrastructure to surpass the expectations of our client with flawless outcomes. Our team of six creative artists under the supervision of a seasoned Project Leader developed immaculate 3D models and delivered them in desired formats. The buildings, various floors, landscapes, structures, architectural objects, internal furnishing, and other accoutrements were impeccably created within virtual reality framework. The leader kept a keen eye on each stage of development to ensure that the deliverables measured up to quality benchmarks. The client was very happy with the results and quality. We were assured of continuous work from the client for all his future virtual and augmented reality 3d modeling projects.

Advantages of Pro3D

We keep pace with the changing dynamics of virtual and augmented reality from game art development perspective. Our team is capable of building flawless and accurate photorealistic 3D models which engrosses the attention of game lovers of various genres. We have the needful digital resources and cutting edge infrastructural support needed to seamlessly transform doodles, scribbles, freehand sketches and dwg files into virtual 3D models. Clients can expect to save significantly with our strategic support and the monetary benefits may span up to 50% compared to other service providers. Our expertise lies in delivering 3D models of various complexities in bulk without compromising on quality or deviating from accuracy. Our company prides itself for hosting the best team of 3D artists and AR/VR experts in the industry.

Our customer support is undoubtedly the best among peers and this would be gladly vouched for by all our clients. ThePro3DStudio caters to clients from across the globe. Our 3d modeling services are top-notch and conform to industry standards. The array of our services includes 3D visualization along with modeling,rendering, animation, converting CAD files, drafting CAD models etc. We have been in the industry since its inception and as such can offer tailored solutions to measure up to your specifications and needs precisely. We can offer impeccable results for all your AR/VR related 3D modeling needs. Reach out to us now to learn about the ways we can help you out.

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