This case study is about a client based in the US, who approached ThePro3DStudio for 3D character animation services.


The client from US was looking for a reputed platform for comprehensive support in 3D animation. The company is one of the leading online game developers in the industry and has been in the industry for the last ten years. They contacted us through an online reference and decided to proceed on a small scale before going ahead with the larger projects. The client requested us to develop different types of characters for their games. We were happy to fulfill their aspirations, and now they have partnered us for 3D animation services for the subsequent projects.


The client wanted accurate facial expressions to be developed, with several emotions, which would be integrated into their games. They were looking for a professional animation studio, where they could find the necessary support with technology and skills. The company decided to proceed with us because of the following reasons:

  • They were convinced with the quality of our services, based on the samples of previous projects.
  • We have got a strong in-house capability, and have been developing 3D animations for various companies over the years.
  • They found our animation services prices to be competitive, which could be scaled up and down, as per their requirements.
  • The company had requested us for a creative trial, and was convinced with the output we had come up with.
  • Our infrastructure involves advanced software for photorealistic 3D rendering, and these renderings can help them strengthen their business.


Our experts collaborated well to deal with the challenges that the project presented us with. These included:

  • Integrating variations and creativity in the expressions of the animated characters, according to the specifications of the client.
  • The roster included several characters, both male and female. Therefore, our experts had to come up with unique expressions for each of them.


We took the following steps to ensure high quality in the project.

  • We assigned the project to a team consisting of four members. The client could directly interact with these professionals and convey their requirements.
  • We integrated the best 3D animation software for the project. Our experts used advanced animation software to develop the animations. This ensured that the minute details could seamlessly be incorporated into the characters.

Since we had worked on similar projects prior to this, we could deliver the services with professionalism within the stipulated time. The client found our 3D character animation services highly satisfying.


The right mix of technology and creativity ensured that the project was completed in time, adhering to all the recommendations provided by the client. They were satisfied with the animation services. The 3D character animations that we had developed replicated human emotions, as desired by the client. This infused the characters with a realistic look. The company was able to cut down their expenses by 60% after availing the 3D animation services from us. Then, the client decided to proceed with our 3D character modeling services and which we have been working on a long-term project now.

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