The Client

A reputed interior designer who runs his own flagship business got in touch with ThePro3DStudio. He wanted impeccable 3D interior rendering of sketches he had developed for adorning the properties of clients he catered to. During the initial discussions with the designer, our expert team explored and scoped out all possible ways in which his interior design efforts can be rendered more productive.

Our team proposed the use of elevation plans for optimized architectural rendering so that the property’s interiors can be designed in more sleek manner. This brought a smile on the face of the interior designer who was highly satisfied with our quick response and additional architectural support beyond the basic CAD conversion. The fact that our value added visualization services would greatly supplement the designer’s work made him entrust ThePro3DStudio with the rendering of his interior designing sketches.

The Challenges

The designer wanted our expert intervention for 3D modeling the interiors in a manner that a full-fledged 3d model designs library can be created online. This would help him offer better insights to his clients about how different interior designs would impact the overall aesthetics of all architectural properties. Our team was expected to incorporate different visuals in the interior designing models so that practical aspects can be demonstrated with ease. For each rendering, images of high resolutions had to be furnished.

Despite the individual status of the designer, he was capable of providing comprehensive information to ThePro3DStudio. This served to minimize the problems experienced during execution of project which made the process seamless. The single challenge that confronted us was to provide superlative work that lived up to the expectations of the interior design and justify his decision to pose trust on our expertise.

The Solution

ThePro3DStudio assigned a Project Manager exclusively for the project. 2 creative artists were also delegated under him. Initially, the elevation plan was developed with basic features for showcasing to the client. This plan was used by the client for sketching his plans about the interiors. It was then reverted to our team for conversion to 3D modeled and rendered images.

Before embarking on the project, our team had engaged in qualitative research to understand the peculiarities of the home interior design in the region from which our client belonged. Client was updated each day and prototypes were shared with him. Any new information obtained was incorporated. The Project Manager stayed in consistent touch with the client. In the project’s first phase, 60 models of interiors well-designed and featuring architectural rendering were successfully delivered to the client in adherence to his specifications. We used state of the art software with cutting-edge tools for meticulously converting the sketches of clients into 3D renderings. In addition to the drawings, we also maintained a standardized library in which all interior designs were properly catalogued.

The Outcome

Our team at ThePro3DStudio was successful in creating impeccable 3D rendered models for the client which were in complete agreement with this expectations, stipulations and market demands. With our stellar work, we could surpass the aspirations of our client. The client acknowledged the good work done by our team and also admitted that our efforts had led to reduction of the cost of the project’s expenses and time by more than 45% compared to in-house efforts. We were able to deliver the work to client well before the committed deadlines. The client keeps entrusting us with his interior and exterior rendering requirements since then and has also recommended ThePro3DStudio to other clients as well.

ThePro3DStudio assures you of top-notch 3D modeling and rendering services that would facilitate accurate and more insightful 3d architecture visualization and interior 3d visualization. We pride ourselves for cost competitive services, low turnaround time, state of the art software and digital infrastructure, and seasoned creative professionals. Contact now with your requirements and get a no-string attached cost estimate.

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