The client was a leading and venerated medical research company operating in Norway. They had affiliations to some of the best medical and scientific research organizations across the world. They were looking for the right team of 3D animation and modeling professionals for a project they were about to commence within two months of their contact with us.


Since the company was largely involved with carrying our extensive researches in the field of medical science, they came up to us with the requirement of creating animated medical videos for their researches. They wanted the team to creative matchlessly detailed, high-quality and effectively rendered videos with complementary animation that can display cell and microscopic-level medical information to the audience. Though the client came up with a script they had developed, they still needed a professional to look over it, fine-tune the same and effectively blend the same with the flow of the video.


Looking at the requirements, quality specification and timeframe of the project, ThePro3DStudio did realize that it was indeed a challenging project to begin with. Our analysis of the same helped us understand that we were facing the following challenges:

  • Since the topic was medical-related, a deep understanding of various medical terms, concepts and practices was required to ensure detailed animation with impeccable accuracy.
  • The creative manager responsible for the project execution was tasked to explain these concepts comprehensively to the team so that the process of animation and rendering smoothly progressed.
  • Since the client had to get the videos approved from the higher ups of the company before getting it live for the document, the timeframe for animation video production was limited, which brought added pressure onto the team to complete the project on time without compromising on the levels of quality and accuracy.

What was the solution that ThePro3DStudio came up with to meet the challenges?

Though the challenges were really demanding at the beginning, since it was a great opportunity for the brand to associate with such a reputed organization at the global level, we decided to lock the project on. We created a project-specific deliverance plans that helped us meet the aforementioned challenges:

  • We quickly constituted a team that consisted of animators, designers, concept artists and collaborators to execute the project on time.
  • A project manager was assigned the responsibility of overseeing the progress of the project, and communicating with the client.
  • A separate quality team was also established under the leadership of the project manager. The quality team was tasked with the responsibility of checking the quality of the work at each stage and offer the required feedback and suggestions as per the requirements of the clients from time to time.
  • An extensive project execution and development plan was created and the project was tasked to be completed as per the strategy established.
  • The project team created a sample 15-second video to gather the response from the client. As per the feedbacks from the client, the project started getting executed. Doubts were cleared and progress was communicated with the client from time to time.
  • Over 4280 resource hours were utilized for the completion of the project and the team utilized the capabilities of a wide range of best animation tools available.

What were the results and response of the client?

As we were able to complete the project well in time as per the quality and project specifications of the client, they were extremely happy that they assigned the project to us. They were really appreciative of the concerted approach we resorted to during the project and our professional approach to meet each of their project deliverables. In short, ThePro3DStudio was able to exceed the expectations of the client and delighted them in every way possible.

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