The Client

Our client was a reputed manufacturer of hydraulically operated chairs and office accessories. Operating across Australia, the client also engaged in designing and wholesaling the ergonomic products meant to enhance productivity and work efficiency. It has been in the business for more than two decades.

However, our client had been experiencing a decline in sales as newer competitors emerged on the horizon that leveraged 3D product animation and other promotional strategies to better appeal to customers. To boost sales as well retain the loyalty of existing customers while progressively roping in newer prospects demanded that the client to resort to 3D applications for developing cutting edge marketing sales pitch. Hence, the client had reached out to us for 3D product design and animation for depicting the high points and modular functionalities of the chairs and accessories manufactured and sold by him.

Challenges Experienced

In order to optimize on the requests placed by client, we had to successfully address a number of challenges like:

  • Highlighting the design superiority in innovative manner
  • Focusing the spotlight on functional and ergonomic touchpoints
  • Depicting the advantages of the product design without being aggressively promotional
  • Retouching the images provided by clients as most of them were of poor quality
  • Developing virtual product models in dimensionally accurate manner
  • Incorporating all specifications to ensure that 3d models resemble the physical product
  • Enhancing the ergonomic aspects of the chair and accessories
  • Projecting different poses and postures of product users to help understand the functional benefits from different perspectives

The Solution

We immediately formed a team of experienced 3D artists and creative designers under a dedicated Project manager.

  • Specifications provided by client and his expectations were critically analyzed for developing holistic models and product animations
  • Secure ftp channel was established with client’s server to ensure safe and confidential receiving of files and sending completed designs
  • 3D product models were developed and sent to client for approval
  • Once approved of, materials were applied and lighting exposure, background, camera angles were set up for photorealistic rendering and compelling animation
  • Project manager ensured that quality benchmarks are adhered to at each phase
  • Flaws, if any, were detected and set right during the workflow itself
  • Contemporary digital interventions were sought to showcase the functionality of the products through immersive animation
  • Client’s suggestions and feedbacks were sought at every step and incorporated adequately
  • Multiple animated sequences and 3D viewports were created for optimum product visualization

Once the 3d models, renderings and animations were developed and finalized as per the expectations of the client, the same were sent to him in different formats like pdf, dwg, jpeg, and 3D.

The Outcome

The client was very glad to see the work and the way we had professionally interacted with him. We had to deliver the project within a week. This was challenging considering the fact that poor quality images had to be initially enhanced and different functionalities had to be incorporated in each animated model. However, we lived up to our reputation of lowest turnaround time in the industry and stuck to the committed deadlines. By leveraging our expertise in 3D product rendering, the client was able to gain a competitive edge over the business counterparts. The sales leapfrogged by more than 40% within a month and more leads started getting converted into sales. The marketing efforts also were turbocharged with the inclusion of 3D models and animations. Client could conveniently cut the budget allocated for conventional advertisements from where the returns were low. With 3D projections and ads, the ad budget was curtailed by more than 50% which reflected in the bottom line of client’s business with better Returns on Investment and exponential growth in revenues. Customers could be engaged in more productive manner through dynamic portrayal of product functionalities.

Reach out to us now to get developed tailor made product visualizations and animations in different background projection and perspective views. We would gladly offer you a no obligation attached estimate based on your needs.