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ThePro3DStudio is one of the premier organizations offering electronic devices 3D design services. We are in the 3D designing business for years now and have been creating 3D design models that have satisfied the needs of over thousands of clients globally.

Our team at ThePro3DStudio is backed with knowledge and experience to bring precision and accuracy to your designs. This can help you increase your business productivity while reducing production costs.

Varied electronic devices we can 3D design

We are competent to handle the three-dimensional designing requirements for varied categories of electronic items, such as:

1. Consumer electronics 3D design

We can design various electronic products meant for daily use, such as home appliances, office gadgets, storage devices, advanced consumer devices, audio and video systems, etc.

Home appliances 3D models

Home appliances

The 3D home appliance models that we commonly create are washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, etc.

Office gadgets

We design 3D models for various office gadgets such as fax machines, printers, calculators, personal computers, front projectors, scanners, etc.

Electronic Gadgets
Storage drives

Storage devices

In the case of storage devices, we can develop three-dimensional models of mp3 players, memory cards, DVDs, HDD jukebox, etc.

Advanced consumer devices

The different 3D models that we develop for advanced consumer items include dishwashers, ATMs, smartphones, tablets, setup boxes, POS terminals, barcode scanners, etc.

consumer electronics
Audio and video products

Audio and video systems

We can develop photorealistic renderings and designs of different audio and video systems, such as microphones, headphones, television, loudspeakers, video game consoles, VCRs, DVD players, etc.

2. Industrial electronics 3D design

industrial devices

ThePro3DStudio specializes in performing three-dimensional designing of various industrial electronic items involving power converting technologies, photovoltaic systems, biomechanics, robotics and mechatronics, industrial automation and motion control, machine learning, motor drive control, etc.

3. Smart grid systems 3D design

Smart devices

We can also create three-dimensional models for smart electric systems, such as smart meters. These types of electronic devices are usually an application of computing, network electronic system, and artificial intelligence.

4. Medical electronics 3D design

Medical devices

Our skilled 3D designers can carry out three-dimensional designing for advanced medical instruments that can be used for psychological analysis, disease diagnosis, data recording, or other healing purposes.

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ThePro3DStudio’s process for electronic devices 3D design

We usually follow the below process while working on client- projects:

  1. Discuss project requirements

    We ask clients to define the scope of work and provide us with complete details regarding the project.

  2. Discuss pricing

    We negotiate with the clients and fix the rates as per the time and resources required to complete their projects.

  3. Assign the project

    We employ a project manager and 3D designing team and allocate them the required resources.

  4. Develop designs

    We develop lifelike electronics product renderings or designs based on the project requirements of clients.

  5. Final editing

    We carry out the changes in the outputs as per the client’s feedback and perform a thorough quality check.

  6. Final rendering & delivery

    After the final rendering, we deliver the outcomes to clients based on their preferred method.

Get your concepts for electronic devices converted into photorealistic 3D designs from one of the top reputed 3D design service providers in the world, i.e., ThePro3DStudio.

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