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ThePro3DStudio is a leading 3D modeling company offering game props 3D design services. We have a full-fledged team of 3D designers and artists who are talented and highly innovative to design three-dimensional game-ready props for varied game development projects of clients.

We are noted for our excellence in employing advanced techniques to develop simplistic or intricately designed 3D game assets. Having in-depth knowledge in the domain, we can transform even the one-line descriptions or brief ideas of clients into exceptional visuals representing different game art elements.

Different 3D Game Prop Design Styles We Deliver

Our 3D model design company  have a team of elite 3D modelers who can create 3D props or objects in a variety of styles that can cover the scope of almost any gaming project.

Low poly 3D game props

Low poly 3D game props

We develop low poly game assets that will have basic colors and flat or smooth shading as per the requirement. These are best suited for mobile game applications.

High poly 3D game props

High poly 3D game props

We create high poly game asset 3D models with extreme detailing by incorporating textures, shading, and photorealistic lighting. These are best for PC or console games.

Our 3D Game Props Modeling Services Include

  • Nature props (trees, landscapes, rocks, environment, etc.)
  • Daily life object props (furniture, floors, walls, buildings, etc.)
  • Weapon props (guns, knives, swords, etc.)
  • Vehicle props (car, bus, bike, jeep, etc.)

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