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We create detailed 3D furniture models, allowing designers, producers and retailers to get detailed insights into features of furniture items. We can address any furniture design requirements, whether it is for your professional workspace or home. We are apt in converting complex furniture concepts, images, rough sketches, or drawings into the perfect 3D models as requested by our clients. Besides this, our prototype models appear more realistic and showcase the design accuracy with fewer iterations, reduced production cost, and maximum productivity. Rely on our custom 3D modeling outsourcing company to maximize your investment in 3D furniture modeling services and get the best client experience.

At ThePro3DStudio, we help clients to precisely visualize their interior spaces with CAD furniture models through our architectural interior rendering services. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reputed name in the niche by helping a wide range of global customers. We provide them with accurate and high-quality designs as per their requirements within the quickest turnaround time possible. We also pay attention to the model’s texture and lighting properties from the home layout drawings provided by the clients.

Our Ambit of 3D Furniture Modeling and Rendering covers

We can create modern residential furniture models for the living room, dining room, bedroom, patio, foyer, etc. that promotes the creation of functional and practical home furnishing items. We take the complexities of modern furniture designs into account and do our best to incorporate all finer details that can make the residential furniture look glamorous. We develop furniture 3D designs that are not only timeless in terms of style but can also be developed into sturdy furniture in real life. We have designed different types of residential furniture such as beds, sofas, cupboards, dressers, kitchen cabinets, dining furniture, coffee tables, etc. and can create unique models for your home as well.

We are experts at developing unique 3D models of commercial furniture while considering the parameters such as functionality and ergonomics. We have solid expertise in creating 3D models of different types of commercial furniture from designing workspaces for modern offices to creating functional 3D models of industrial furniture. We can create realistic 3D models of work furniture, which can be used to bring solid, functional furniture into reality. We can also efficiently design 3D models of workbenches, office chairs, executive tables, office cabinets, cafeteria furniture, workstations, desks, general seating, conference chairs, height-adjustable desks, living and outdoor furniture, and more.

We have wide expertise in crafting unique 3D models of the lighting furniture elements to provide a warm and functional look to the building spaces. The 3D models of the light fittings and lamps are created in a way that complements the décor and style of the client’s property space while giving life to it. In addition to this, we also make sure that the designs we develop perfectly balance the comfort, practicality, functionality, and increase the aesthetic appeal of the building interiors. We provide a wide selection of lighting furniture 3D design for clients such as hanging lights, wall lights, table lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, ceiling lights, tripod lamps, outdoor lighting, etc.

We can add a touch of refreshment and appeal to your residential or commercial spaces with our professional decor furniture 3D models. We can either create custom designs that express your personality or provide you with suitable decorative models to choose from to project an inviting and impressive ambiance of your property spaces. If required, we can also redesign 3D models of the existing furniture by considering the material, pattern, color, or shape of your choice. We can work on creating the 3D design models for a variety of décor elements like vases, flower pots, wall shelves, planters, mirrors, wall arts, accent furniture, garden furniture, fountains, sculptures, clocks, vintage furniture, etc.

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  • "ThePro3DStudio was very helpful in developing furniture 3D designs for my website. They were professional in approach, and their attention to detail was exemplary. I would love to work with them again."


    Furniture Manufacturing Firm, Peru

  • "3D architectural modeling services offered by ThePro3DStudio ae cost competitive, of superior quality and in conformance to the standards of the industry. I really appreciate the good job done"

    Marketing Head, Design Firm

    California, USA

  • " 3D Furniture models provided by ThePro3DStudio have exceeded my expectations and are perfect for printing. Really impressive about the response and pricing! "

    Senior Designer, Online Furniture Seller

    Florida, USA

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Our experienced 3D artists create high-quality furniture models using advanced 3D furniture design software and ensure to take care of every modeling requirement of clients. If you are looking for swift, efficient, and perfect services at reasonable rates, then contact us now!

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