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  • We beautify the Living Room Furniture with Our 3D Design Services

ThePro3DStudio is among the top-ranking 3D furniture modeling service providers, and we have been providing 3D furniture design solutions to various industry verticals for more than a decade now.

We have a strong team of 3D designers who strive to give the best of their abilities and deliver the most satisfying results, and we are well known for our successful project deliveries to date.

We are specialized in vibing up the living spaces with our beautiful 3D designs and enhancing the way living room furniture looks. Be it sofas, chairs, tv stands, ottoman furniture or other decor elements, we lighten up designs using our state of the art infrastructure.

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Types of Furniture Styles We Include in Our Services

  • Contemporary Furniture

    We create 3D designs to blend contemporary furniture into modern spaces efficiently to make it look alluring and beautiful.

  • Modern Furniture

    When it comes to modern furniture, our team of designers are efficient in designing the most beautiful, advanced and innovative designs to suit modern-day living spaces.

  • Rustic Furniture

    The prime motive of this furniture is to create a relaxing environment where they are set up. These are the most comfortable and warm furniture designs designed to maintain their naturality.

    We use various textures and other required material designs to give a sense of moderation to the furniture.

  • Traditional Furniture

    Our expert designers design traditional furniture in such a way as to give it a look of royalty and are suitable for all kinds of living spaces. No matter how modern the set-up is, our designed furniture can be a part of any space.

  • Artistic & Antique Furniture

    For period piece lovers, we design artistic and antique furniture designs. We have provided numerous captivating designs to various antique traders, and our designs are the market's dominants.

  • Bohemian Furniture

    This type of furniture is the latest and in vogue. It includes colourful textures and pop hues to enlighten the living space. It generally includes ethnic weaves and bright colours.

Other Residential Furniture 3D Design Services at ThePro3DStudio

Bedroom Furniture

Bed Frames, Wardrobe, Shelves, Bedside Table, Lamps, Side Couch, Dressers, Planters, etc.

Bathroom Furniture

Wash Basin Cabinet, Shelves, Mirror Cabinets, Corner Wall Shelf Unit, Storage Spaces, etc.

Study Room Furniture

Study or Computer Desk, Chair, Bookshelves, File Cabinets & more.

Dining Room Furniture

Dining Sets (Seating), Centerpieces, Crockery Shelves, etc.

Patio or Garden Furniture

Lounging and Relaxing Furniture, Outdoor Sofa Sets, Outdoor Chairs & Table Set, Sofa Sections, Children’s Outdoor Furniture, etc.

Nursery & Children Room Furniture

Cribs or Bassinets, Nappy Changing Tables, Rocking Chairs, Clothing Storage Cabinets, Children Beds, Study Tables, etc.

Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Tables, Bar Stools, Crockery Cabinet, Spice Racks, Glass Shelves, Kitchen Coffee Table Set, Counter and Counter Extension, etc.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Living Room Furniture Design Services

  • Photorealistic & Feature Rich Designs
  • Superlative and Unmatched Quality
  • Quick Deliveries (Shortest TAT)
  • Classic to Luxury Furniture Designs, we design all
  • Creative & Technically Sound Team
  • Customizable Prices & Custom Made Packages

ThePro3DStudio is a well-known name and a trusted business solution provider on the global industry front, and we specialize in furniture 3D modeling and rendering services.

With a team of creatively sound minds and years of experience in client servicing, we have delivered thousands of successful projects, and we proudly call ourselves among the most professional 3D furniture modeling service providers.

We have earned the trust of our global clientele, and we strive hard to deliver to the best of our abilities.

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