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ThePro3DStudio is among the top-ranking 3D modeling service providers, and we have been providing living room furniture 3D design services to various industry verticals for more than a decade now.

We have a strong team of 3D designers who strive to give the best of their abilities and deliver the most satisfying results, and we are well known for our successful project deliveries to date.

We are specialized in vibing up the living spaces with our beautiful 3D designs and enhancing the way living room furniture looks. Be it sofas, chairs, tv stands, ottoman furniture or other decor elements, we lighten up designs using our state of the art infrastructure.

Types of 3D Furniture Designs We Offer for Living Room

3D Bag Designs

Designs for Sofas, Sectionals & Couple Seats

Seating is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a living room, seating in comfy sofas, sectionals, or love seats to have movie nights and have a blast in get-togethers.

We create beautiful 3D designs of seating arrangements to make them look first-rate. While designing the furniture, our designers keep a keen eye on every important detail and do not miss even a single element while designing, and this is why our output looks so realistic.

Designs for Recliners & Accent Chairs

For a luxurious living room, people often choose recliners and accent chairs after sofas to add more comfort and style to their spaces, and we know how to design this furniture to give it a look that captivates the viewers.

Be it the furniture elements or the beautiful cover prints, and our designers highlight every important detail to take the designs to another level.

Jewelry 3D model
Hat 3D Model

Coffee Table Designs

Living space is incomplete without a table meant for coffee or cocktails, and when there are chairs, a table is required, and it's mandatory.

With our 3D design ability, we create unique designs for coffee or cocktail tables. Our designs are so unique and realistic that they are yet to be discovered by competitors in the industry. This makes us a distinctive 3d modeling service provider.

Designs for Ottoman Furniture

The ottoman furniture is unique in look and feel, and it requires a detailed design approach to enhance the beauty it carries with it. The beautiful shapes, printed designs or the kind of subtlety it carries must be captured and designed correctly to make it look realistic.

We have the design capabilities to give this furniture a distinctive look keeping the essence of beauty intact.

shoe 3D model
Hat 3D Model

Designs for TV Stands, Media Consoles, Lighting, Bar Cabinets & More

These are the other major elements added to enhance the living spaces. We pay special attention to the specific needs of our clients who want to add different easy and complex designs to these to make their products look unique and hit the customers differently.

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ThePro3DStudio is a well-known name and a trusted business solution provider on the global industry front, and we specialize in furniture 3D modeling and rendering services.

With a team of creatively sound minds and years of experience in client servicing, we have delivered thousands of successful projects, and we proudly call ourselves among the most professional 3D furniture modeling service providers.

We have earned the trust of our global clientele, and we strive hard to deliver to the best of our abilities.

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