3D Furniture Design Support Provided for a Leading UK Company

ThePro3DStudio is committed to leveraging the potential of contemporary and cutting-edge 3D tools to deliver impeccable 3d product designs to our esteemed clients.

Our success rate is the highest in the industry because we factor in the expectations and needs of clients through one-to-one dialogue and then apply the insights from our long experience to create furniture 3d designs that are unparalleled. This case study demonstrates the depth of our expertise and the innovative ways with which we help materialize the aspirations of clients comprehensively.

The Client

A reputed home furniture and upholstery manufacturer from the UK contacted ThePro3DStudio with its virtual modeling related requirements. The company catered to both residential and commercial segments with its eclectic range of furniture that is durable and ergonomically expedient.

The client is in the wholesale business and has experienced designers on its roll who visualize and create contemporary furniture that complements different lifestyles and environments. It is a mainstream manufacturer in the UK and dominated the competition with its wonderful range of eye-catching and comfortable furniture. The client now wanted to aggressively promote its products online and through brochures. To accomplish this, it wanted to get rendered different models of furniture in 3D which have to be projected against various backdrops to help prospective buyers stretch their imaginations and visualize the products in sync with their needs.

The company required about 1000 different customized 3d furniture models which have to be developed from images drawn by artists or photos captured digitally. ThePro3DStudio had to adhere to the dimensional specifications meticulously to ensure that the models are not distorted and real-life furniture finds perfect reflection in 3D models. The company was highly influenced by the reputation of ThePro3DStudio and entrusted us with its requirements while reposing complete faith in the experience and expertise of our creative professionals.

Problems Experienced

Before embarking on the project, an assessment was made of the various requirements for the venture to ensure proper allocation of resources. We ran into a few challenges, prominent among which was the shabby quality of the images or photos provided to us by the client.

Most of the photos were not clear and as such our team was not able to figure out the exact proportions and textures which had to be mapped to the outputs. In many cases, the client did not provide us with the dimensional specifications of the furniture and left it to our discretion for developing the best custom 3d models.

Our team had to take part in a crash course on ergonomics to be handy in judging the best specifications. Since we had to deliver about a thousand models, the work before us was extensive and our artists had to be familiar with the dynamics of the furniture industry.

The Solution

ThePro3DStudio always accord top confidentiality to the sensitive information of clients and never allows them to lose the competitive edge through malicious interference. As such, we established a secure file transfer protocol initially to help clients send us the images and other information safely without any breach.

We then designed a streamlined workflow system with a project manager at the helm to expeditious progress. The manager would be one stop communication point for alleviating clients' concerns and keeping its representatives updated. We brought together seasoned 3D modeling experts, and specialists in the fields of texturing and lighting. As soon as the first batch of luxury furniture 3d models was rendered, they were shared with the client to ensure that the same lived up to its expectations.

For photos that lacked clarity, exhaustive discussions were undertaken with client’s representatives to figure out the specifications most conducive to client’s plans. Additional data whenever required was sought from the client. The progress was astounding as we deployed state-of-the-art 3D furniture design software and the most accomplished professionals to fast-track the project.

The Outcome

Once the entire batch of 1000 models was delivered, the client profusely praised our artists’ ingenuity and expertise in 3D furniture designing. Each individual model was dimensionally accurate and in alignment with the promotional strategies of the client. The models were adaptive to the various backdrops aganist which the client wanted to project them against and seamlessly complemented the marketing plans. The low turnaround time of one and half months, the superlative quality of models, immaculate communication lines, and cost-competitive rates really impressed the client. It assured us that all its future modeling related needs would be outsourced to us only and also promised to recommend us to others.

ThePro3DStudio offers an array of features and advantages which you won’t come across elsewhere. Our decade-long experience, resource sufficiency, infrastructural independence, experienced professionals, cost-effective pricing and ,extensive domain expertise help us to cater your diverse 3D furniture modeling services in a customized manner for various industry verticals.

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