Provided 3D Furniture Designs to a Restaurant Owner


We have been serving our customers with the best services possible, and by doing so, we have ensured the client would be able to elevate their business with us. We have been serving clients from different countries and across diverse industry niches.

Here is one success story of our US-based client who successfully transformed his business with our furniture 3D design services.

Let us look into the details of it.

About the client

The client is a US-based business owner who runs a restaurant and wants to refurbish the furniture for a better environment. The client ultimately wanted to entirely redesign the furniture in the shop to bring a completely new experience to their customers who visit them every day.

The Challenges

Being in the industry for many years, the client offered a relatively good experience to the users who come for seamless dining experiences.

It is usual that the client changes the restaurant amenities every five years to render the new look and feel to entertain and attract new visitors. The client was looking for the best furniture designs to implement for his business.

The client approached various providers to reinvent the new furniture designs. But some of the following problems faced in arranging for a furniture photo-shoot for the best designs were:

  • Too much effort and time for logistic management
  • Transportation and location settings for the furniture photo-shoot
  • High definition images did not provide the ultimate solution that the client was looking for

The Solution

To help the client with the required visualization of the restaurant furniture, we took the following approach to ease things out.

  • Our 3D artists first got in touch with the client to gather the business requirements.
  • After getting the requirements, our artists derived a sample sketch of the furniture that the client was looking for.
  • After a couple of discussions in detail, we arrived at the 3D furniture designs that matched the client's expectations.
  • As a reliable 3D visualization company, we were very keen on developing models that align with the client's needs and give a hassle-free overview of the product with every minute feature, even before it is built.
  • Most importantly, the client could feel the furniture to understand how it would fit the environment and suggested changes based on the consultation with our team.

How Did Our 3D Furniture Design Solutions Impact the Client?

With our 3D furniture modeling services, the client was able to cut down the costs of the physical photoshoot and the logistics complexities of the furniture, which were otherwise incurred. Most importantly, the client was able to reimagine and reinvent the restaurant with simple and high-quality furniture models at a much more affordable cost.

The cost and time-saving efforts made the client happy and seamlessly enhanced their business with us. Our 3D artists played a crucial role in addressing the client's requirements.

Ultimately, with fewer efforts and less time, the client got what was needed at the right time. It gave them a competitive edge in reinventing the restaurant with their furniture.

A new look will always refurbish the environment, and the client enjoyed working with us.

Through the Happy Words of the Client

We really got what we wanted! Swift response, the creative team on the board, and the flexible schedule are what made us work with you. When we first looked for the best way to visualize the furniture requirements, they easily understood our concerns and helped us with many options. We were really impressed with the way they work and deliver. They made us a part of their team - we loved the team out there.

Initially, we had no clue with whom we would be working! Hence we approached them for a demo and a free trial. We got what we wanted at the very best price that we could ever imagine. The quality is also superb!

Thanks for the hard work, team! Truly recommended

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