Well-organized and strategic data security practices and technologies in place for the protection of important records and sensitive information are essential features of a trusted outsourcing partner. Our experts at ThePro3DStudio are fully aware of clients’ anxieties and concerns regarding adversities like breach of data and misuse of confidential details.

We have always succeeded inattaining the confidence of our clients through legal contracts that promise to alleviate such issues through cutting edge technologies and superiorly talented staff members. The multitude of data formats grounded on excellent technologies assist our company in the mission to protect and safeguard crucial information from being stolen or lost. Our company’s business practices guided by professional integrities and understanding of the importance of data security also contribute towards the process. Undesirable recipients are prevented from accessing the information in any manner. Meanwhile, we ensure that data and information are utilized solely for definite purposes.

Important features of our data security policy

We have a strong information security policy in place. ThePro3DStudio ensures data security and control at work stations, transmission and vendor premises. The information is effectively safeguarded during multiple levels of project implementation and completion. Records in all formats are secured sincerely and the judicious use of most modern technologies during the process is guaranteed. The presence and supervision of talented in-house professionals also keep data breach at bay. Security threats are minimized with the help of a regulatory framework that is efficacious and proven beyond doubt. In addition, we deploy data security measures to meet those special requirements of individual clients and distinct projects of high-profile nature. CAD data use at different levels are monitored and subjected to security audits on periodic basis. We implement integrated steps, along with unit-based steps in the process. Above all, we keep a close watch over potential data breaches in each and every project. Apart from identifying them, we concentrate on the meticulous development and effective enforcement of sturdy mechanisms to weed out similar attempts in future. We keep on evolving in the process to make our data security techniques and plans updated and fail-safe.

How we protect data and information thefts?

We have many mechanisms in place to ward off possible threats of data breach and information theft attempts. Our readiness to sign the non-disclosure agreement makes us the trusted partner of global clients hailing from varied niches. The unwavering commitment towards data security is transformed into a legal binding process here. Back-up is top-notch and safe zones into which intruders can’t get easy accessact as protective covers. The main drive and the data present on it are deleted on a daily basis without fail. We ensure that all data is returned to our clients or deleted immediately after completion of a particular project. The confidentiality of information is further ensured by our encrypted folders, files and electronic mails. Also, our company’s guidelines for the security of information are strict enough to prevent unauthorized employees from sharing data and source files.

Data and Information protection: Safe and Dependable Network

The successful usage of VPN and networks equipped with most modern security upgrades sets us apart from competitors. Suspicious attempts to access important information and malicious incidents aimed at breaching of fire walls have been effectively thwarted in the past. Safe CISCO switches are put in place to ensure the transfer of data through genuine VPN Tunnel. Other security issues are also taken care of this way.

ThePro3DStudio controls access of employees

The flow of records is strictly curtailed at the levels of several individual employees. This measure checks illegal access, misuse of information and data thefts. Only those employees who get involved in a particular project are given system access. Password protected network logins, unavailability of remote access facility, and restriction of workplace access to those employees with smartcards are other highlights. Digital signatures are compulsory and emails and important files are encrypted accordingly. The superior-level supervision and round the clock surveillance are bolstered with latest technologies. Prohibition of compact discs, USB ports and other storage accessories cements the security aspect further. Each and every work station gets upgraded anti-virus protection. All these measures are coupled with periodic system audit services for ensuring complete project confidentiality.

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