This case study involves designing 3D models of real estate for a client based in the UK. ThePro3DStudio is presently working on a long-term contract with this client, after accomplishing this project successfully.


This client owns one of the most reputed real estate companies in the UK. They approached us for 3D animation and modelling for real estate projects. The company was looking forward to partner with professional 3D modelers to do animation for their on-going projects. They reached out to us online and agreed to try out our services on a small scale, before going for the long-term project.


The first issue that the client faced before contacting us was the large investment involved in the project. 3D modelling projects are generally expensive. However, while working on the three dimensional modeling project, we took certain measures to reduce the costs. The use of advanced technology also helped us curtail the expenses to a certain extent.

  • Our experts used Google Earth for extracting the images and used the addresses that our client had provided us with.
  • We used the information from both the client, and the ones extracted by Google Earth in determining the specifications.
  • Using 3D modelling techniques, our experts developed a structure of the building.
  • We categorized each structure, according to a pre-determined pattern.
  • Besides, we also provided the necessary advice to the client regarding value additions.

The client was expecting us to come up with suggestions for the real estate 3D modeling project, in order to enhance the quality of the animation. Our experts collaborated well to plan the project and convey the idea to the client.


Before commencing with the project, we evaluated the specifications provided by the client and preceded accordingly. The integration of annotation and colour coding in the project turned to be highly effective. As the client was looking for a high interactivity level, we came up with the required features in the project. The client found our custom 3D modeling services useful, as the model that we had developed lived up to their expected standards. The high level of interactivity would enable them to interpret the designs in the project seamlessly to their customers.


The client was happy with the quality of services and appreciated our collaborative effort in developing the architectural 3d models for animation. Particularly, the annotation options and colour coding made the animation highly interactive and the client found the work quite impressive. They reported high sales due to our unique 3D modeling process, which proved to be effective in strengthening their business. Besides, they were able to keep their expenses within their budget, as we had come up with our own strategy to curtail costs. They have agreed to proceed with us for a long-term project. Presently, we are working on the next project of the client from UK.

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