Provided High-quality 3D Print-ready Designs for an Automobile Company

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The Client

The client is an automobile manufacturing company based out of the Netherlands and needed an outsourcing company that could help with developing 3D print-ready designs for different automobile parts. The client specializes in creating and manufacturing automobile parts and components to different parts of Europe.

The Requirement

The client needed the 3D print designs for automobile parts in a very short time for marketing purposes. Since the company wasn’t facing enough sales due to the pandemic, the client thought of employing 3D print models to improve their marketing strategies.

However, they were starting this new and didn’t want to invest a huge amount for the same. So, they were looking to work with a company that is experienced as well as within their budget. Finally, they decided to outsource their needs to ThePro3DStudio and asked us to assist with the project.

Here’s what they wanted us to help them with.

  • Creating 3D printable designs of more than 200 automobile components
  • Completing at least two designs within 24 hours for trial
  • Creating 3D printing designs that could align with the marketing needs of their brand

Project Challenges

TThe project was quite challenging for us. So, we decide to make a few adjustments that could help us to cope up with the client’s demand and complete the project on time. The challenges we faced while working on this project are as follows.

  • The project delivery time was short.
  • Each 3D design must be designed according to the marketing needs of the client’s brand.
  • The design was needed to be 3D visualized from all angles, which was more of a time-consuming process.
  • Since it was purely meant for marketing purposes, the designs needed to be visually appealing so that they could catch the attention of potential customers.

The Solution

At ThePro3DStudio, we are highly recognized for the quality of our customized 3D modeling services. Therefore, to ensure that the quality remains the best as well as the project gets completed on time, we took the following steps.

  • We suggested the client to take a free trial after they availed our print-ready 3D design services.
  • We created the desired two designs within 2 hours so that you accurately evaluate the performance of our team.
  • As for the team, we quickly gathered up senior 3D designers who had prior experience dealing with similar projects.
  • After a brief meeting, we segregated the team into 5 groups, where each will be focusing on a particular type of automobile part or component.
  • We started designing with the aim of completing the work before the time so that it could be sent for the quality checking process.
  • We also hired a team of professional quality analysts who provided true feedback on improving the 3D print models.

The Outcome

The client was satisfied with the outcomes of the trial and quickly asked us to move forward with the project. The final outcomes were also as per their expectations and we didn’t even have to carry out the revisions.

We employed the latest 3D modeling software for the work, which enabled us to produce excellent outcomes. The client’s proactiveness to stay updated with the project status also helped us to deliver stunning 3D designs for printing for the first time itself.

As a result of this, the client succeeded in improving their marketing campaigns effectively. It resulted in an increase in sales by almost 30%, which was their expected benchmark. It was another reason why the client was motivated to send us more projects.

If you wish to avail professional support or want to know more about our 3D print design services, then contact us right away. We also offer a wide range of 3D design services. So, you can check them out too. If you feel like using them, we can customize a package that will suit your needs.

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