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Outsource 3D texturing services to our team of expert 3D texture artists, and give a photo-realistic look to your images. Fast TAT, reasonable rates!

ThePro3DStudio is a reputed 3D texture design company with expertise in delivering 3D texturing services for your 3D models. Our team of experts helps you create solid and geometric 3D model textures based on your business requirements.

Our 3D texturing services include

We believe every 3D model is meant to have a fantastic texture to highlight its features. Our professional 3D texture artists help you create the 3D modeling textures for your models to give them a more realistic look and feel.

Metallic Textures

Metallic Textures

Realistic gloss textures, rough, smooth, glossy, and more

Glossy Textures

Glossy Textures

We create gloss textures depending upon the nature of roughness or smoothness.

Bump Map Textures

Bump Map Textures

Detailed bump map textures for features like bumps, wrinkles, etc.

Color Textures

Colour Textures

We can make your textured model look realistic with the exact colour combination.

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Stages of 3D Texture Modeling

UV unwrapping

This is the initial stage in the 3D texturing process, which will deal with the 3D model unwrapping. Our designers utilize the best tools to unwrap from 3D to a UV map, making it easy to edit and customize.

Texture painting

Our artists utilize digital paint to add texture and give the model better visibility and detailed highlighting. They use texture shading to create volume, which emphasizes objects’ elevation.

Texture mapping

We have a team of specialists for the 3D texture mapping process that would include wrapping the 3D model to yield bumps of a metallic or glossy nature based on the requirements of the client.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Our Reliable 3D Texturing Company

24*7 support

24*7 support

We make it convenient for you to get support anytime, no matter which time zone you belong to.


Highest Quality

We aim at texturing 3D models with the highest quality and a photorealistic look and feel.

Data Security

Data Security

We adhere strictly to the data security terms. We sign an NDA with the client and follow it throughout.

Affordable pricing


We offer 3D texturing painting and rendering services at affordable prices without deviating from the desired output.

Quick turnaround time

Quick turnaround time

We strive to meet the deadlines and deliver our 3D texture rendering services with a quicker turnaround time.

Flexible Approach

Flexible Approach

We have a flexible approach in our work process and can scale up or down depending on the need.

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