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Try our state-of-the-art 3D models compatible with AR technology at an affordable rate, Custom-designed by professionally trained 3D experts.

ThePro3DStudio is best in providing custom 3D modeling solutions for AR environment. We are backed by a team of proficient 3D artists who ensure top-notch final outcomes. We are the go-to choice for manufacturers, realtors, engineers, industrial designers, and many more, for the stellar modeling service for AR we provide. Our highly talented specialists can develop any 3D model for AR viewing that you need.

With years of industry experience and domain knowledge, ThePro3DStudio is the ideal choice for gaining a competitive advantage. Partner with us and try our highly detailed 3D models at a competitive price.

Types of AR 3D Models We Offer

Furniture 3D models

Furniture 3D Models

Our professionally trained 3D artists leverage the latest technologies to create photorealistic, true-to-life models of tables, beds, chairs, ottomans, cupboards, couches, sofas, and more! Let our expert 3D specialists work for your project.

Ecommerce Product 3D Models

Give your prospects an interactive product representation in advanced AR headsets, easy to embed on major eCommerce platforms. Make 3D model designs for AR a valuable addition to your eCommerce website.

eCommerce product 3D models
Fashion & clothing 3D models

Fashion & Clothing 3D Models

Get stunning, photorealistic 3D models for clothes, eyewear, wearable like wrist watches & Smart watches compatible with AR technology. Let your audience see the items in all their glory and even try them, enhanced with augmented reality.

Gaming 3D Assets for AR

Get high-quality game assets, custom designed, compatible for AR viewing and operating. Give your audience the best gaming experience today!

Gaming asset 3D models
Building 3D models

Real Estate 3D Models

Showcase your real estate property in full view to your prospects even before the construction starts. Our expert 3D artists can build life-like augmented 3D models of buildings, apartments, houses, bungalows, showing the accurate layout in full scale AR. Give your prospects a virtual on-site tour that they can explore from anywhere, anytime and drive more sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our 3D designers mostly prefer .obj, and .fbx, since these are primarily used to transfer or exchange a 3D model from one software to another.

We usually provide the final deliverables in .usdz for iPhone and .glb for Android. If you use other AR applications, you are requested to inform us beforehand, and we will provide you with the result in the said format.

No, you don’t have to. For iPhones and Macs, this function is included in the default settings. For Android, you may use Google Chrome or a Smartphone camera.

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