3D modeling and rendering at unbelievable prices

ThePro3DStudio has been successful in carving a distinctive niche for itself in 3D modeling and rendering services. We have been able to successfully live up to the expectations of our clients’ due to our cost competitive service pricing.

Attractive Pricing Modules

ThePro3DStudio appreciates that service pricing is a critical area which needs to be cautiously approached to retain the trust of customers in our offerings. Our service scope assessment model is scientific and has been developed over time through incorporation of our experience driven insights, suggestions by industry experts and client feedbacks.

Three key elements are factored in for determining the appropriate price for a project when someone outsources 3D design services to us, namely:

  • Quantum of work required for the project
  • Complexity of the project
  • Demanded turnaround time

Fundamental service hiring modules of ThePro3DStudio are

  • Hourly Basis

    You share your needs with us. The project would be executed in real time and the number of hours needed to complete the 3D design models would only be charged from you. We offer absolute flexibility to outsource your requirements to our team on hourly basis. This module caters to clients who have significant volume of custom 3D modeling and 3D renderings related needs at regular but infrequent intervals.

  • Project Basis

    You share your entire project related requirements and aspirations with us. Your details would be comprehensively reviewed and then based on complexity and length of time needed, we would offer you the 3D model price estimation. Once the estimate has been approved of by you, actual work on the project would commence. You would not be charged anything additional apart from the quoted amount to which you have consented. This basis of hiring is advantageous for large and medium scale projects wherein the delivery schedule and budgetary allocations are known beforehand.


The aforesaid strategic pricing modules have been devised to offer you optimum convenience and efficiency within your allocated budget. However, the charges quoted are only for your reference and should not be deemed as final. The final price of the project would be mutually worked upon based on aforesaid hiring modules and after taking into consideration the duration, desired turnaround time, skills, resources and other aspects pertinent to the project. You may also approach us for 3D design quotations if you need help with deciding. To request for the same, you need to reach our website and write to us about your project.