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Outsource 3D apparel designing services to our talented team, and give a photo-realistic look to your garments. Fast TAT, reasonable rates!

ThePro3DStudio holds immense specialization in providing apparel 3D design services. We have a certified team of 3D designers who have a well-developed sense of fashion business to handle your projects. They also have a strong understanding of the style, color, material, and pattern that can attract your customers.

We always keep up with the ongoing fashion trends. It enables us effectively shape your ideas or sketches into 3D models that can stand out in the competition.

Our 3D Apparel Design Services Include

Our 3D modeling company has worked on several 3D garment design projects helped numerous clients to significantly reduce their product development life cycle. The types of apparel 3D designs we often create at ThePro3DStudio are:

Headgear 3D model

Headgear 3D Design

We can design a variety of 3D cloth models worn on the head, such as caps, beanies, headbands, headscarves, head-ties, and more.

Topwear 3D Model

We also provide best solutions that target the designing of clothes covering the upper body. It includes shirts, tops, blouses, etc.

Tshirt 3D model
Trousers 3D model

Bottomwear 3D Design

Here, we create 3D designs of clothes that are meant to cover the lower body. It includes trousers, pants, skirts, socks, leggings, etc.

Outerwear 3D Model

We create outerwear cloth 3D models that are worn over regular garments. Some of them are coats, hoodies, jackets, waistcoats, etc.

Hoodie design
Frock design

Full-body Wear 3D Design

In this case, we create 3D models of clothing items that are of full length. For example, swimsuits, jumpsuits, ski suits, gowns, and more.

Benefits of Our Apparel 3D Design Services

ThePro3DStudio has gained a worldwide reputation as a premier company providing world-class 3D modeling services. However, that’s not the only benefit you can avail of by employing our 3D services for garments. A few more benefits to mention are:

Professional 3D artists

Professional 3D artists

We provide an experienced team of 3D artists and designers at your service. So, you can rest assured that your project is in the hands of experts.

Affordable 3D designs

Affordable 3D designs

We offer affordable apparel 3D design services. You can save lot of costs on using our services while gaining outstanding project results.

Best-in-class software

Best-in-class software

Our team uses the latest 3D clothing design software to work on your projects. They are apt in making the best use of tools and features.

Personalized 3D designs

Personalized 3D designs

We can create custom-designed 3D clothes based on your personal pictures or designs. You can add names, slogans, messages, and much more.

Communication is one of the biggest challenges that garment companies face. However, with our cloth 3D modeling services, they can clearly present their ideas to the manufactures. It will ensure that the manufacturers seamlessly carry out the physical prototyping of garment designs provided.

Apart from ideas, sketches, or photographs, we can also work with a pre-existing 3D garment model. So, if you have one, feel free to provide it to us.

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Our 3D Cloth Modeling Solutions Are Employed by

ThePro3DStudio extends support to a variety of industries for the 3D designing of fashion accessories. All of these can be considered as a part of the fashion industry. They are:

  • Fashion designers
  • Apparel companies
  • Wholesale or manufacturing cloth retail outlets
  • Online clothing stores

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