Delivered Apparel 3D Models to a UK-based Fashion House


A startup venture in the fashion industry, based in UK, was looking to get 3D models of their apparel range created. They had worked with a few companies that promised to deliver quality product 3D models as per their requirements, but miserably failed to meet the company’s expectations. After researching multiple service providers, the company finally found us. After an initial discussion, we agreed to start the project with 50 renders for their most potential products.


The company had a tight budget because of which it chose product 3D renderings, which are comparatively cheaper than traditional product photography that also involves a separate cost for photo editing. We never compromise on quality for any of our projects and so delivering high-quality outcomes in small-budget projects was really a challenge. Since it was a startup, we had to be especially careful in paying more attention to the quality as this would determine the future prospects of the company. Delivering 50 product renders in just a span of 5 days was also a major challenge as our team was handling a major, long term project for an engineering firm, which demanded more time and effort.


We had detailed discussions with the owner of the fashion house and its fashion designers. After the initial briefing call, they sent us fashion illustrations as well as exact product measurements based on which we had to create 3D apparel designs. We mobilized a few senior staff from other projects and created a team of 4 employees who were assigned the responsibility to deliver high-quality apparel 3D design services. We created an assembly line type of setup where each employee was asked to perform the same processes with every model at its various stages by using advanced fashion design software. This added efficiency to the process and helped the employees to focus completely on their part and deliver outcomes of the highest quality, which in turn promoted the creation of high-quality, complete models.


The client was extremely amazed to see the high-quality 3D product renders that exactly resembled their 2D sketches and were accurately based on their specifications. The client used the models on their web media platforms including their website and social media channels as well as on their print brochures and flyers. The company registered sales from day one from their online channels and even bagged a deal with some of the major offline retail outlets in the UK through the use of the print promotional materials. This allowed the client to expand his business more and to keep a greater amount of budget aside for marketing. In his next project, he assigned us a bigger project that needed us to deliver 200 renders of the company’s newest fashion accessories. Following the successful completion of this project as well, the client decided to retain ThePro3DStudio as one of his 3D rendering companies.

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