3D Fashion Design Software Programs List to Use in 2024

Updated on: April 16, 2024


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3D Fashion Design Software

The fashion industry is a 3 trillion dollar industry that has crossed all borders. It goes without saying that an industry that big, which focuses on apparel designing, would produce a lot of production waste due to excessive sampling and design repetition. To curb this waste, we now have certain 3D fashion design software that enable a more sustainable way of designing clothes and eliminating the waste.

Also, gone are the days when fashion designers used to hand-sketch their ideas and then imagine the best-suited colors or materials. With the advent of CAD fashion design software, professional fashion designers, as well as amateurs and novices, are opting to use these tools to create a realistic version of their designs, even before they are developed in reality.

What is 3D Fashion Design Software?

3D fashion design is the process of creating digital designs of clothes using 3D design software, enabling garments to be visualized in a virtual space before physical production. 3D fashion design software is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) tool that enables users to create 2D and 3D sketches, graphical illustrations, design specification sheets, and detailed blueprints for specific functions.

If this makes you curious to know more about those software and tools, keep scrolling. We have compiled a list of the best 3D fashion design software that fashions designers do use that can help you a lot with enhancing your garment designs.

List of Best 3D Fashion Design Software Programs

  1. CLO


    CLO is one of the best digital clothing design software with an intuitive interface and hundreds of pre-made textile patterns that you can use to create your own design ideas. The software offers several video tutorials that help users better understand the tool and how to use it most effectively. CLO also allows as many iterations as you want to make. The software will automatically generate colors and textures for the added sections.

    Currently, CLO 7.1 is the most popular 3D design software used by fashion designers to create garments in real time.

    CLO Features : Texture generator, auto 3D arrangement, realistic zipper teeth, auto convert to motion and more

    Free trial : 30 days trial available for individuals

    Pricing :

    • For Students : $25 / month
    • For Individuals : $50 / month
    • For Business : No data provided by the company

    OS Compatibility : Available for Windows and Mac

  2. MarvelousDesigner


    MarvelousDesigner is one of the best fashion industry software that clothing designers use to create 3D virtual clothing. Besides having massive usage in the fashion industry, MarvelousDesigner is also one of the best software for creating realistic 3D clothing for games, films, 3D animations, VFX, and other cinematic productions, etc. From basic shirts to complex and heavily designed dresses - this software for fashion industry is one-stop-solution for all with its realistic renderings.

    Designers can work upon the textures of clothes and accessories both. What makes it more interesting is that the tool is compatible with other 3D clothing design software, which makes it even easier to import or export 3D models from 3DS Max, Maya, or ZBrush. This feature is genuinely convenient for many fashion artists.

    Marvelous Features : Retopology improvements, Styleline editing, Merge vertex feature and more features are available.

    Free trial : 30 days free trial available.

    Pricing : Personal - $39/m

    Versions : Marvelous Designer 11 , Marvelous Designer 9 5.1.431 and other older versions

    OS Compatibility : Available for Windows and Mac

  3. Virtuality Fashion

    Virtuality Fashion

    Virtuality Fashion is an another amazing garment design software. One can simply install its plugin on any fashion design software, viz., CorelDraw and InDesign.

    Virtuality Fashion has a unique feature called the Virtual Showroom, whereby users can upload their creations and get real-time feedback from prospects. The main reason behind the popularity of Virtuality Fashion is that the tool generates hyper-realistic high-resolution 3D simulations that are bound to make heads turn.

    Virtuality Fashion Features : Virtual 3D prototype, Virtual showroom, 2D pattern making and more other features are available.

    Free trial: No data provided by the company

    OS Compatibility: No data provided by the company


    • For the Basics (t-shirts, tights, & shorts) - Starts from $149
    • For the Fast-Fashion (shirts, polos, pants & light dresses) - Starts from $225
    • For Tailored items (outdoor wear) - Starts from $475
  4. TUKA3D


    TUKA3D models and avatars that can move, run, and dance; in short, they simulate real-life motions. Also, with 5 visual techniques, such as warp, stretch, weft, x-ray, and pressure - a designer can evaluate the 3D virtual sample.

    Features : Motion simulation, Digital cloth, Integrated CAD and more

    Free trial : 14 days free trial available.

    OS Compatibility : Available for Windows 10

    Pricing : Subscription fee - $29/m

  5. Browzwear


    Browzwear is one of the pioneers of digital 3D design software. Browzwear is a collection of easy-to-use modules, namely, Lotta, Vstitcher, Fabric Analyzer, and Stylezone.

    All these modules together deliver end-to-end development, marketing, and collaboration. In simple language, these modules allow the designer and production team to create the design, check the fittings and measurements, sell, and showcase the final product to the prospects.

    Free trial : Available

    OS Compatibility : Available on Windows and Mac

    Pricing : No data provided by the company

  6. Vstitcher


    Vstitcher is of the best 3D software in the fashion design industry, especially for 3D virtual prototyping. Fashion designers get ample flexibility and features in Vstitcher in terms of graphics, size ranges, trimming, fabrics, textures, colors, patterns, and so on.

    The software generates photorealistic 3D renderings of the garments for a real-life material simulation.

    Features: Provides different Colorways, Snapshots, Substance by Adobe, Parametric avatar and more.

    Release Versions : VStitcher 2022.2.3, VStitcher 2022.2.1, VStitcher 2022.2 Pre-release ,VStitcher 2022.1.5 and other older versions

  7. Lotta


    Lotta is an ultimate 3D fashion design solution and one of the modules of Browzwear (discussed above), that gives an unlimited variety of choices for graphics, trimmings, materials, designs, colors, and more.

    Designers can easily create new styles with blocks and conveniently transform patterns, images, logos and other elements from 2D to 3D by using this clothes design program. Synchronizing 2D sketches from Photoshop or Illustrator into Lotta is also hassle-free. The tool is quite handy for beginners.

  8. Stylezone


    An exceptional cloud-based platform for displaying 3D prototypes, Stylezone allows designers to zoom in or out, rotate, move, and do other interactions with 3D clothing, from conceptualization and design, to merchandising. This helps the stakeholders to solve any potential design issues beforehand.

  9. C-Design Fashion

    C-Design Fashion

    An all-in-one platform that allows fashion designers to create ready-to-wear collections. This outfit design app greatly simplifies the clothing production lifecycle. C-Design Fashion is best known for its monitoring tools, real-time information sharing, and automatic upgrades.

    One can make edits, organize all designs and prototypes, and share all kinds of fashion ideas.

    C-Design Fashion Features: Centralize and share product information, Replace Excel documents with measurement charts, Manage components and BOMs and more.

    Free trial : N/A

    OS Compatibility : N/A (Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based)

    Pricing : Per Feature

  10. Tailornova


    Tailornova is uniquely designed fashion design tool for designers to create unlimited made-to-measure apparel designs in the most convenient and user-friendly manner. The tool gives a brilliant feature of a digital sketch board for designers where they can freely create their designs.

    Once the sketches are done, the designers can lay them on the 3D structures and check the body shape, measurement, height, or other information. One can receive custom-fitted patterns within seconds. Tailornova is, hands down, the most advanced 3D fashion design software.

    Tailornova Features : MTM patterns, Flat sketches & 3D samples, True-to-Life 3D fitmodel and more.

    Free trial : N/A

    OS Compatibility : Web App, Windows

    Pricing : $29 per month

As long as the fashion industry remains, we can see steady growth in 3D fashion design software usage.

There are a lot of software to help you with your garment designs. Hope this fashion designer software list gives you a fair idea of the same.

And if you want to get your designs done by a professional group of people, reach out to any 3D rendering studios and start outsourcing to them. You will get the best-in-class 3D apparel design solutions to perfect your clothing design ideas before they go into production.

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