Top Benefits of Outsourcing 3d Services

Jan 19, 2023

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Benefits of outsourcing 3D services
Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Services

The field of 3D modeling and rendering is witnessing rapid growth in recent years. This field is complicated, advanced, demands lots of dedicated resources, and can offer numerous benefits to a business. It is why many brands are already investing in outsourcing 3D design services to scale up their business processes.

This comprehensive article is a guide to help you understand those benefits so that you can use them to your advantage too. We have listed the top benefits of outsourcing 3D services.

Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Services

  • Saving money

    It has fast turnarounds, so it helps to save on time and money even on large projects. Make sure you ask your service provider about the pricing and bidding beforehand.

  • Ensuring Quality

    When you outsource, you get the best industry experts to work for you. It, in turn, delivers the best quality work. The companies hire only experts for this task, so there is no need to worry about the rendering quality.

  • Boosting Speed

    The outsourced company can help to reduce the time used in concept creation and production. Quick delivery is the result of employing rationalized processes.

  • Using State-of-the-art resources

    The outsourcing company will mostly use state-of-the-art technologies and experienced professionals to deliver the results. So, when you hire their services, you use these resources without actually owning them.

Who Opts for 3D Design Services?

  • Interior Designers

    Interior Visualizations

    Use case: Interior Visualizations

    Interior designers and home renovators can present high-quality 3D interior renderings for their clients.

  • Architects

    Realistic visualizations of the property

    Use Case: Realistic visualizations of the property

    Architectural 3D renderings, 3d walkthrough animations, virtual tours, 360-degree views of the property can be pre visualized.

  • Marketing and Advertising

    Virtual Rendering

    Use Case: Virtual Rendering

    The product model, prototype, and packaging get tested before manufacturing. This, in turn, reduces the cost of manufacturing real ones. If the product needs any corrections, the changes are done to virtual models. After approval of the product concept, it goes on for the manufacturing process.

  • Automotive

    Virtual Rendering

    Use Case: Car Design

    Helps to prototype interior parts, mechanical systems, and engine redesign.

  • Aeronautics and Aerospace

    Prototyping and Visualization

    Use Case: Prototyping and Visualization

    Helps to deliver mechanical designs for plan safety.

  • Building Contractor

    Building Information Model (BIM)

    Use Case: Building Information Model (BIM)

    BIM presents the object dimensions and product information of a 3D building model.

  • Fashion Designers

    Fashion Design

    Use Case: Fashion Design

    Cutting schemes, pattern design, and fit modeling processes gets easy. Designers can now create 3D renderings for shirts, suits and other fashion attires.

  • Retailers and Ecommerce

    Retail goods showcase

    Use Case: Retail Goods

    Consumers can view the products from all angles. They can also zoom in and out and also click on the products for extra information during shopping.

  • Consumer Goods

    Consumer goods showcase

    Use Case: Product Designers

    Helps to reduce new product manufacturing time and costs.

  • Electronics

    Electronic components design

    Use Case: Electronic components

    Today, all the devices have become smaller, and so do their electronic components. The software helps to check the tiniest parts of the printed circuit board (PCB).

  • Entertainment

    Movie shots

    Use Case: Movies

    The movie industry uses 3D images to enhance the design and texture of any specific scene.

  • Gaming

    Movie shots

    Use Case: Video games

    Helps the designers and developers to come up with realistic games.

3D models have varied uses in different industries. So, outsourced companies provide their clients with a wide range of services.

What Services to Outsource?

You can outsource not only 3D modeling but also animation, 3D rendering. Below we have listed a few categories that you can outsource to a reliable company.

  • 3D Printing Design

    It stores the digital file of the physical object and prints it layers by layer. 3D printing creates fast prototypes of the component.

  • 3D Modeling

    2D models are flat, and 3D models have depth. Flat individual 2D elements get the required effect that makes them 3D models. 3D modeling gives the objects more realism and dimensions.

  • 3D Animation

    Here, the digital representation of physical objects has motions and movements like real-world objects in a 3D space. CGI makes VR games look life-like.

  • Software and Apps

    3D modeling projects include customized mobile apps, web apps and software.

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  • Video Editing

    Video and TV ads editing is necessary for marketing and advertising.

  • 3D Graphic Design

    Product packaging design service is a supplementary to product design.

3D Services Outsourcing Checklist

Do you have plans to outsource 3d modeling services? If yes, you should take a look at the below checklist. It can help you find the best 3D modeling service providers.

  • Portfolio Check

    You can know about the quality and check whether it lines up with their requirements.

  • Location and Working hours

    Personal interaction is necessary for 3D modeling projects. So, check the time zone compatibility for better communication.

  • Experience

    You can look at the number of years the 3D modeling studio has been serving. It is a good pointer of the company’s technical and non-technical expertise.

  • Staff Interaction

    You can interact with the employees they will be working with during the process. It is a proven way to know about their skill level.

  • 3D Modeling Price

    You can ask the vendor to provide a cost estimate signed by the authorized person.

  • Delivery Time

    The company should provide you with the date of delivery in the schedule of the project plan.

  • ISO Quality Certifications

    It is better to go for a company that has a 9001 ISO certification. A company with this certification provides reliable services that meet international standards.

  • Guarantees

    Cross-check whether the service contract offers guarantees for delivery, quality, and service.

  • Data Security

    Check whether the company takes extra measures to safeguard the client’s data.

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We hope this article helped you to understand the benefits of outsourcing 3D solutions to a design studio. In case you are already looking for a 3D modeling company to hire for your next project, you can even contact us.

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