Client Profile

The client is a startup brand looking to launch its body, hair, skin, and bridal makeup products. They were very keen to establish a solid online presence in the market. After a thorough online research, the company hired our 3D modeling services.

Project Requirements

The company's team of designers had designed out-of-the-box design concepts for the products. They wanted high-quality 3D virtual models for those concepts. Besides, they required product packaging designing for their customized hand and body lotion.

They preferred photorealism to traditional photography as it was much more cost-effective. Before starting the project, the beauty brand wanted us to deliver 3D models for a few images.


The client was searching for reliable beauty products 3D design services for a long time. So, when they approached us with the project requirements, a month was left for the website launch. There were 15 categories of products for which virtual designs needed to be developed.

Besides the shortage of time, there were few other challenges that we faced like,

  • The client required the models to work well on both Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • They wanted unique and high-quality product rendering that would reflect their brand objectives. Also, they required it to be different from their competitors.
  • They wanted the mockups for all the categories within two days.
  • They asked for 5-6 versions of product packaging designs.

Trial Phase and Project Agreement

It is typical for every client to cross-verify our work quality before the start of the project. We offered them our work samples. Also, we completed their free trial work within the stipulated time.

They asked for our previous client references for further assurance. They had a look at work quality from the free trial. Also, they spoke with our previous clients about how our work helped their business grow. They were satisfied with everything and signed up with us for the project.

Starting the Project

We had some discussions with their designing team to have a clear idea of their brand objectives. Also, we spoke with the retailers to gain an idea about the current online shopping trends.

On short notice, we had to assemble our design and technical experts to have some discussions. We created three teams for the project and assigned a supervisor for each group. The design team and 3D artists designed the models. The technical team checked the functionality of the models on all OS with a few trial runs.

The QA team double-checked the mockups before sending them to the client. All three groups were working simultaneously to hasten up the work process.

After receiving the approval for the mockups, the same work pattern continued for the project. We submitted the models before the deadline.


We provided the team with state-of-the-art resources for designing, development, and the QA process. It helped us create high-quality photorealistic renders and different product packaging designs for the client in a quick turnaround.

The client was impressed with our product 3D modeling services to a great extent.

They launched their site on time and received an overwhelming response for the 3D models. The customers found their shopping experience to be a unique and memorable one. It, in turn, boosted their sales and online brand presence. They have increased customer engagement rate and conversions to date.

As a result, they rely on our modeling services to date. Also, they have signed up for a long-term project with us.

Partner with ThePro3DStudio to get high-standard services for beauty product 3D designs

We place great emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction regardless of the project size. We commit ourselves to deliver quality work to our clients till they are satisfied.

We never get tired of doing any number of corrections any number of times during the project until the client is happy with the results. This, in turn, made us the preferred partner for many brands in the industry. Our client-centric approach is the secret of our success. It has made us thrive and even lead during challenging times.