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Our team of 3D product design specialists has the technical expertise and professional skills to develop products from minute details to hyper-realistic models that cater to the target audience and serve the purpose. Through our 3D product design services, we guarantee 100% perfection in the final outcome

Our Product 3D Design Services Includes

3D Product Modeling

Our proficient team is braced with advanced knowledge and expertise, who can create accurate 3D geometrical models of your products adhering to the specified industry standards. Be it for media, print or online promotion, we guarantee the delivery of any project within the stipulated time with 100% quality assurance.

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3D Product Rendering

Adopting cutting-edge technologies and most up-to-date software, we create high-quality professional realistic 3D renderings at an affordable price. Whether you require realistic 3D furniture rendering, clothes and accessories, mechanical products or medical equipment rendering services, we have got your covered.

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High & Low Poly Product Modeling

Our custom high and low polygon 3D model assets ensure each product is accurately proportioned and there are no sharp or rugged edges. Our 3d modeling showcases your products just life like, with all the feature insights you want. Get the most budget-friendly silos and lifestyle images of your product and brand.

3D Lifestyle Product Designs

Product lifestyle images differ from traditional product photography which is not only costly and laborious, but also has many limitations.

In 3D product lifestyle images, the central product is put against different backgrounds/environments under diverse contexts. Marketers do not have to hire any production set, buy decor for the background, pay fees to stylists and photographers, or put any extra effort or expense in conceptualizing and building a scene. This drastically reduces the production cost and time.

Skyrocket your sales with our stellar 3D lifestyle image shots.

3D Lifestyle Product Designs

Interactive 360° Product View

What more your potential buyers can ask for when you give them an opportunity to view the products from all the angles - yes, from a 360° angle! Promoting an item becomes so easy when customers get a clear view of the same. Try our Interactive 360° Product 3D modeling and give your competitors a run for their money.

White Background Product 3D Designs

The main purpose of these images is showcasing the central product without any distraction whatsoever. Our expert 3D artists and modelers can create feature-rich monochromatic shots of your product in hyper-realistic 3D, which will help you improve your sales in no time.

White Background Product 3D Designs
Texturing 3D Product Models

Texturing 3D Product Models

Texturing gives depth and volume to a model, adds features to it, thus making it true-to-life. Our 3D texturing experts can create textures for all kinds of products, imbibing fine details, applying texture maps to the surface; thereby giving the desired effect. Our team has the competency to combine different mapping approaches and make perfect 3D models.

3D Product Packaging Designs

The quality of product packaging tells a lot about the product and the brand itself, to the potential buyers. Since this is a time when "seeing is believing", how aesthetically your product is packaged communicates your brand value. Our experienced 3D artists can create photo-realistic renderings that show the color, visual texture, structure, and all other visual qualities.

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3D Product Packaging Designs

Industries Where We Provide Our 3D Product Design Services

ThePro3DStudio is a reputed 3D modeling service provider that has been helping its clients with world-class design support for the past few years. Professionals delivering modeling support can create appropriate geometric shapes while adhering to the design specifications of our clients. Here are the main reasons why you may choose us as your preferred 3D design services company for outsourcing projects.

Quick turnaround time


We help you build and validate automotive parts faster and better with our stellar 3D product design service. Our custom 3D images give the engineer the perfect idea for an essential component.



Our custom 3D design solutions give a realistic view of the project before it actually starts. They can explore new ideas and identify potential design errors well beforehand.



Be it a tiny part or a larger machinery component, our expert team has substantial expertise in handling the geometry of products, no matter how complex the parts may seem.



High-quality 3D models are imperative for the eCommerce industry. We create flawless 3D product designs that save a lot more time for users to share changes and improve their interaction with your site.

Aerospace & Defense Industry

Aerospace & Defense Industry

Our custom 3D product designs offer an intuitive visualization for aerospace engineers facilitating better and more efficient aircraft, space crafts, and defense vehicles.


3D Printing Industry

With our 3D designs, production engineers and quality issues before they become an enormous cost. They can create functional prototypes at much lower costs and time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our process is full-proof and involves different phases, namely the conceptualization phase, the design phase, the testing phase, and the final delivery phase. Depending upon the project size, scope, and level of complexity involved, the turnaround time is determined.

The inputs and scope can be shared through a project brief, a reference model of the component, any physical rendition of the model, high-resolution images, etc.

We have a team of expert 3D artists who brainstorm and develop customized solutions for each and every client.

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