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ThePro3DStudio has been serving the 3D industry for years and is a reputed organization offering beauty products 3D design services in India. Our 3D designs and renders are custom-made and are based on your specifications and the requirements of your project.

The 3D designers or modelers whom we hire are not just qualified but also know how to use their creativity for better storytelling of your cosmetic products. Besides, the use of industry-standard software and tools also helps us in creating 3D models for beauty products with accuracy.

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Where can you use our 3D design services?

You can use our 3D product models for both online and offline purposes. For online use, you can employ them on social media channels, websites, email marketing campaigns, online magazines or videos, etc.

However, when it comes to offline promotions, you can use them on catalogs, brochures, print magazines, videos, line sheet images, etc.

Working process at ThePro3DStudio

We, at ThePro3DStudio, have developed a workflow that enables us to deliver the best and accurate outcomes. We also make sure that it is smooth and efficient so that our design team doesn’t face any difficulty using it.

The below steps will give you a detailed idea regarding the working process that we generally follow:

  • Step 1: The client discusses the requirements of their project.

    We have a thorough discussion regarding the project requirements with the client. In this step, the client needs to express their ideas and provide us sample images, drawings, or sketches.

    We’ll also need details regarding the functional area or space, decorative elements to add to the designs, and the timeline of the project.

  • Step 3: We deliver the files back to clients.

    The third step is where we add photorealism to the designs. A final quality check will be done by the QA team and we’ll get the files ready in the client’s desired format.

  • Step 2: We prepare the scope of the project & start working on it

    Our 3D designers evaluate your project and create three-dimensional design models accordingly. They add the desired color scheme, setting, and animation. After that, we’ll send the first draft to the client for feedback.

    If no changes are required, we can go to the next step. If the client needs us to change something, we’ll add new elements to the designs

  • Step 4: We produce revisions based on client's feedback

    Once we share files with our clients, we wait for their suggestions for improvement. Then we incorporate the changes and send the files back to the clients.

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We can create unique 3D designs of beauty products, allowing businesses to create a great online and offline marketing portfolio. Contact us today for a quote.

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