The Project Requirements

ThePro3DStudio was approached by a UK-based Ecommerce startup that was looking to expand its product base and create a strong identity in the market. The company had an extremely aggressive expansion strategy that demanded a lot of resource and time involvements. The startup’s line of products included world-class, stylish fashion accessories such as bags, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, hats, ties, shoes, belts, watches, etc. The startup employed creative product designers who developed unique design concepts for each category of products to ensure that the online retailer’s products stood out from the competition. The company wanted to use high-quality images of its products on its website. Going for traditional product photography was not an option for them because they wanted their website to be ready within a short turnaround time. Investing in traditional product photography could have meant investing in professional photo editing services and the availability of all products before even the demand for them could be determined. This would have taken time and called for heavy investments. So the company was looking for professional 3D artists who could deliver high-quality virtual product models for its website.

The Project Scope

The company wanted to outsource its 3D product modeling and rendering requirements to a professional 3D designing company. After searching online for quite some time and trying to find a reliable product 3D modeling service provider, the company finally found ThePro3DStudio. The 3D designers at the Pro3DStudio discussed in detail about the requirements with the design team of the online fashion accessory retailer and understood what their role would be. Based on this discussion, ThePro3DStudio team defined a project scope, which was communicated to the online retailer. The project was initiated after the client processed the payment and after the Pro3DStudio team signed the non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

ThePro3DStudio Approach

The designers at ThePro3DStudio wanted to make sure that they delivered outcomes as per the client’s expectations and so they decided to deliver a few free samples based on the design vision of the client’s team before project-signup and initiation. They delivered intricately-detailed 3D models of handbags and eyewear, which impressed the client and made him to sign up for the services instantly. This boosted the team’s confidence as the designers were now aware of the quality and the level of detailing that the client expected from them. Right after the project sign-up process was over, a dedicated team was formed and key resources were assigned for this project. A project supervisor was delegated for this project and was made responsible to oversee project progress and team coordination to perform quality check on a regular basis.

The Solution

The Pro3DStudio team created exceptional 3D designs of diverse fashion accessories based on design ideas shared by the client’s design team. They gave a solid virtual 3D shape to the client’s design vision and created world-class 3D product models that appeared realistic and were therefore preferred as a high-quality alternative for product photography. From creating 3D renders of trendy hats to developing intricately-detailed fashion bracelets, our 3D designers were able to create awe-inspiring 3D product designs that had a life-like look and feel. The quality of the deliverable was regularly monitored by the project supervisor and any deviation was taken care of immediately to avoid disruptions and delays. The client sent requirements in batches and specific timelines were set for each batch. The 3D designers made sure to complete their tasks for every batch within the predetermined timelines. Professional-grade 3D software was used to create 3D models of fashion accessories and every designer made sure that they played their part well. The team was able to complete their work on multiple batches before the deadline and earned the company the repute of one of the most reliable product 3D modeling services in the global landscape. During the entire project, we paid high attention to data security. We created a secure FTP path that could be accessed only by the supervisor and the client through the use of credentials. The client passed all his sketches and raw data files to us through this path and we transferred 3D product rendering outcomes to him the same way. This ensured that we could avoid data breach incidents and protect our client’s trade secrets and confidential information at all costs. Notably, all designs that we developed were 3D print-ready, which meant that our client could save a lot of time and resources and skip the logistics-production delays and could give a solid, real form to the designs by using 3D printing technology. We also kept the client regularly updated about project progress so that he could relax knowing that a team of highly-dedicated people were working continuously to complete his tasks on time. Our customer service team also operated round-the-clock and made sure that the client was able to reach us whenever he wanted.

The Results

The client was extremely impressed with the quality of the outcomes and the timeline of project completion. After the completion of the first few set of tasks, he renewed the service contract and trusted the 3D design team with additional work. The high quality, photorealistic 3D models that our designers created had a competitive advantage over improperly-edited and costly product photographs that most Ecommerce retailers commonly use. The 3D models did not only have a life-like appeal, but they could be rotated and viewed from multiple angles as well. This allowed for better view and promoted faster sales. The client was able to reach an encouraging sales figure within a few months of using the 3D models on his website. Today, he has turned out to be one of our several clients who work with us on a retainer model on long-term projects. Our designers have been working on diverse product models and have been actively contributing to the client’s in-house creative team’s design vision as well. Today, the client’s online sales platform has turned out to become one of the most engaging Ecommerce websites in the fashion accessories domain. Our competitive pricing has also enabled the client to benefit from maximum profitability.