3D Laptop Bag Designs Provided for Australian Laptop Manufacturer

Laptop Bag 3D Design Case Study

The Client

Our client is a renowned name in the designing and production of laptops featuring cutting-edge technological innovations. The manufacturing plant is located in the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.

They manufacture multiple sized laptops to serve the specific needs of various user segments. Various users prefer their laptops as the audio-video quality is excellent, and feature like touch screen is available at low costs. The growing laptop popularity led to the increasing demand for laptop bags of different customized sizes.

The client is also capable of combining functionality with aesthetics in the laptop designs, which is attracting numerous customers.

Clients Requirements

Our client was seeking specialized services from a renowned 3D modeling company that can provide it with impeccable product 3d visualizations. It was essential for designing the best fit laptop bags which are compatible with various laptop designs manufactured by the client.

They wanted us to dedicate a team that has the ability to scale-up midway during the project execution if there is a sudden increase in demand.

The Challenges

The client is solely in the business of laptop manufacturing. Therefore, they wanted a strategic outsourced partner that can respect the integrity of their sensitive business data and safeguard it from breaches. Also, they wanted our artists to match their work schedule with the Australian time zone.

For product 3d modeling, the client only provided us with pictures and sketches of the laptops and bags. The inputs provided were not accurate. Thus, with little information, our team had to provide laptop bag 3d model designs for fitting different laptop sizes. The designs demanded by the client needed to have optimum space for carrying laptops, proper weight endurance capability, and water or damage resistant. Our team had to take care of the given specification and ensure that the laptop bag design consists of different features and is visually appealing.

The Solution

We immediately assigned a team of proficient 3D modeling artists for the project under a dedicated Project Manager. The Manager was responsible for coordinating the team member’s effort and keep clients updated regarding the progress of the project.

We leveraged our expertise in 3D visualization for ramping up the project’s deliverability and made sure to attend each aspect meticulously. Since we have reputed clients from across the globe, we drew insights from these projects to ensure that the safety features and ergonomic designs are the latest in the industry. We use advanced 3D modeling software with sophisticated tools to create impeccable, foolproof, and failsafe designs.

The client shared a PDF version of sketches from which the design peculiarities and other features were not visible properly. Our team immediately reached out to the client and requested them to share some more images in high resolution. These were quickly furnished by the client as clear references. We also ensured that we adhere to the quality parameters by subjecting each stage of project to stringent quality checks. It ensured that the design measured up to the quality and safety parameters.

The Result

The client was happy with the outcome of the project. We were able to deliver viable designs within low turnaround time. We carried out the product 3D rendering while maintaining its quality standards so that the production of the same can be fast-tracked.

The use of advanced tools allowed our team to deliver meticulously-designed flawless renderings which were consistent with the aspirations of the client. They also assured us that all their future projects would be assigned to us, and they will share our credentials with other acquaintances.

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