How a North Carolina Based Architectural Designer Was Successful With Our 3D Visualization Services?

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Customers are at the core of our business. We take pride in serving our clients in the very best way possible. With years of experience in the industry, we have unmatched skills to meet your business requirements. As such, here we feature the success story of one of our clients based in North Carolina.

Read on to know how we have helped them!

About the Client

The client is a North Carolina based Architectural designer who was on the lookout for the best 3d designs for the house constrictions. Finally, after evaluating many service providers, the client chose us over others as we had given the value that the client was looking for!

Let us see in detail their problems and how we have solved them.

Business Challenges

When the client approached us, there were some challenges that we had to address. Here are the top 5 problems that we had to tackle:

  • Lack of Visualization Options

    Being into the Architectural industry, the need for visually appealing designs was missing for the business growth.

  • Poor Marketing Campaigns

    Since the business was based on life like architectural designs, the marketing campaigns were tougher and were time-consuming to get the results.

  • Get an Interactive Customer Experience

    Convincing prospects are always tougher. It gets even more complicated if you don’t have the right communication collateral. The same was the problem with the client with the users who wanted to buy.

  • Non-convenient to Identify the Errors or Bugs

    There came situations where there were many revisions in the architectural designs, which went unnoticed until it was actually built and was eventually costing a lot.

Our Approach

The client contacted us to help them develop excellent 3D house visualization designs to improve the marketing efforts. Different aspects of the house designs were to be made ready to ensure that the exterior and interior visuals look perfect for them.

As a 3D visualization company, we have helped the client to visualize their house or property even before it is actually completed. It helped them make better decisions and optimize the construction process on the whole.

Solutions We Provided

  • 3D Exterior Rendering Services

    With this 3D exterior rendering services, we assisted the client with the complete external visualization of the property and its surroundings. It allowed the customer to imagine and accept how the property would look after the construction. It gave them a chance to analyze each minute aspect of it to find out the errors in the existing construction and correct them instantly.

  • 3D Interior Rendering Services

    With this 3D interior rendering services, we supported the client in proving the internal view of the property based on their requirements. It was designed to suit the prospects’ interest, and we were able to place the required furniture and other commodities as requested to get a complete view of what it would look like. This gave a fair idea of how the interiors can be planned and executed.

    Overall, we worked with the client to harness the power of 3D models and CG images to get a complete overview of the property - external and internal so that it becomes much easier to proceed with the constriction. Not just that, it helped for better marketing efforts and sales too.

How Did We Execute the Project?

At ThePro3DStudio, we always follow a customer-centric approach. Our team of experienced 3D artists were allocated on the project who were completely transparent in communicating with the customer.

After getting a clear idea of the business requirement, they got into action.

  • Step 1: Initiate the process of 3D modeling for the building with the help of an architectural drawing plan.
  • Step 2: Develop the property’s surroundings based on the references provided.
  • Step 3: Inserting the Lighting effects appropriate for the 3D scene.
  • Step 4: Ensuring the camera setup at the specific angle where it needs to be captured.
  • Step 5: Render multiple views based on need.

Then, the first version of the 3D rendering was submitted for the internal QC team review.

Based on the feedback, the updates were incorporated by our expert architectural visualization specialists. The updated CG images were again sent back for further review with the customer.

Once the revised designs were approved and we were able to get the confirmation from the client the project was completed.


As a result of partnering with us, the client could reap the benefits and harness the power of 3D visualization for their business.

Initially, the marketing campaigns got boosted, and the client started receiving more demand for the properties.

Interactive customer experiences elevated the client to communicate the useful features with excellent visualizations. Every feature was felt as if it was real, giving their clients an exceptional experience even before the property was actually built.

Error rectifications were much easier to identify and resolve with these 3D visuals, which was impactful in saving time and a lot of effort.

Client Talk

“It was an excellent experience that I and my entire team had with ThePro3DStudio. You have those expert hands which helped us gain a lot in terms of attracting new audiences and convincing the prospects.

On top of that, we just loved your swiftness and timely delivery of the project and we would surely recommend you for future references!” Quoted the client, who is an architectural designer based in North Carolina.

Backed by a global clientele, we have expanded across various industry niches and geographies, helping businesses to grow and expand with us. We have helped companies to harness the power of 3D visualization techniques to discover new opportunities for businesses to perform well.

Our squad of expert artists helps us achieve success with every project we undertake. We aim to deliver the projects with high quality and within the mutually agreed timelines.

We are always delighted to have this client onboarded for their 3D house visualization services, and we were able to work together effortlessly. We would like to express our gratitude to our 3D architects who made this possible.

So, if you want to experience the best service, we are ready!

Let us discuss your next 3D visualization project!