Provided 3D Rendering Support for an Architectural Company Based in Ireland


An architectural company from Ireland who has been offering impeccable and wide ranging designs to corporate clients was on the lookout for a reliable and affordable company offering a wide range of architectural rendering services. They needed help with their new project that required precise 3D renders to be submitted to their investors as part of their project proposal.


As they have been in the forefront, providing best architectural 3D rendering solutions for years, they were looking to make new expansions in terms of business operations. The company’s major focus was the corporate sector that preferred reliable 3D rendering in architecture. And in a short period, when the client headed for a large-scale project, they preferred realistic 3D rendering services.


When the client approached us, we were informed that they were actively searching for other companies to help them with the 3D rendering. However, looking at the portfolio we presented with them, they decided to go ahead with us.

Before going on with the project, we were informed of the following requirements

  • The client required us to offer high definition renders with perfection.
  • We were required to adhere to the international quality standards they notified
  • The client would require finish the 3D rendering interior design job in 48 hours
  • The cost also needed to meet the budgetary constraints they had


During the execution of the project, we were faced by the following challenges;

  • The major challenge was the schedule the client had given us—48 hours
  • The perspective drawings did not come as expected by us
  • We had to resort to higher quality standards without ever going aboard with the cost

Apart from these challenges, we were also understaffed for the project as the schedule given for us was too soon. This made us realize that the normal working hours were not adequate to complete the project in time—not with the volume, the quality levels and the budget of the client.


Since this was a challenging and dynamic project giving us the opportunity to associate with a unique client with incredible potential for future business associations, we were quick to arrange for a strategic meeting to face these challenges and also to decide upon the interior design rendering techniques to be adopted, as well.

We created a unique project execution strategy for the client and decided how to go about the project.

The following actions were taken to address the challenges:

  • We created a team that would be solely responsible for the execution of the 3D rendering project.
  • The team was given adequate workstations having the best 3D rendering software programs.
  • The working hours for the project team were extended with an incentive plan.
  • The team was led by the expert 3D professionals in our company
  • A dedicated quality person was responsible for the quality along with the team lead


We worked very close to the client contacting them with every doubt we had. It was made easier as the company has a single point of contact that was responsible for the project for the company. The SPOC was able to provide us timely reference and inputs to make the project even better than we anticipated in the first place.

At the end, we were able to;

  • Offer impeccably realistic 3D renders
  • Create renders that were accurate and precise to the needs of the client
  • Uphold the quality standards established by the client, and exceed them
  • The budget restraints were strictly adhered to

At the end of the project, the client was extremely happy and commended us for the matchless dedication and commitment displayed by our team. They also agreed to associate with us for the upcoming projects and to recommend our architectural 3D design services to their associates as well.

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