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Unique, tailor-made 3D architecture designs, crafted by an elite team of experts. Get the best architectural visualizations in 3D.

Do you need a highly skilled team of creative 3D artists who can convert your 2D sketches/plans to 3D designs? Look no further. We are backed by an incredibly skilled team of 3D designers who can efficiently convert drawings, scans, sketches, PDFs and all other data information into precise 3D architectural models.

ThePro3DStudio is an industry leading 3D architecture design services company in creating stellar 3D designs for residential and commercial properties. With years of experience and expertise across a vast range of domains, we have mastered the art of 3D technology to create accurately detailed renders.

Our architectural 3D design services include

3d architecture modeling solutions

3D Architectural Modeling

The prolific team at ThePro3DStudio possesses all the technological expertise, and skills required to create the best-in-class 3D models that can give you a better idea of your dream project before the actual construction happens. So, whether for commercial or residential use, get realistic 3D models today from the team!

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3D Architectural Rendering

Get high-end, photorealistic renders of residential and commercial property, giving viewers a detailed inside-out view of the project. Our skilled 3D renderers can create highly technical, yet easy-to-understand renders of real estate properties for 360-degree viewing, 3D walkthroughs, AR/VR viewing, etc.

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3d architectural rendering solutions
High & low-poly architecture modeling

High & Low-Poly Architectural Models

We are adept at handling all kinds of polygonal modeling, from low to high. Based on the level of detail required, we develop the 3D architectural models with the relevant poly count. Our proficient 3D modeling experts deliver top-notch high-poly & low-poly models with maximum precision.

3D Designs for AR

Leveraging the power of AR, our accomplished 3D modeling team creates highly-detailed, functional assets for real estate properties, enabling seamless integration in AR apps. We strictly adhere to the technical specifications of the AR headsets or smartphones. Users can interact with and customize the models, getting an immersive experience.

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AR 3D Modeling
VR 3D modeling

3D Designs for VR

Varying at different Levels of Details (LOD), our experienced VR specialists create detailed 3D models compatible with virtually simulated environment for existing, as well as upcoming real estate projects, giving an immersive experience to the potential buyers.

3D Floor Plan

Add a new new dimension to your real estate projects with instinctive 3D designs, try our high-quality architectural floor plan design service. Our expert team has fantastic 3D solutions for floor plan designs for commercial, real estate, and residential purposes. We can create 3D floor plan for interior/exterior, floor plan for branding, Live 3D floor plan, area plan in 3D, and much more.

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3D floor plan designing
3D Walkthrough Animations Advertise your real estate property with engaging 3D walkthroughs where the potential buyers can virtually walk around the property, relishing all the amenities. Our prolific walkthrough animators create high-end architectural designs allowing prospects to take a sneak-peak of the real estate and make informed choices.

3D Walkthrough Animations

Advertise your real estate property with engaging 3D walkthroughs where the potential buyers can virtually walk around the property, relishing all the amenities. Our prolific walkthrough animators create high-end architectural designs allowing prospects to take a sneak-peak of the real estate and make informed choices.

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3D Print Design

Ideal for intricate parts and to create architectural models of entire buildings, 3D Print Design has been positively welcomed in the architectural industry. Our diligent team of 3D professionals leverages the latest software, and effortlessly develops exact 3D printed replicas of commercial, real estate, and residential projects, from digital drawings.

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3D print ready designs
Aerial View Rendering

Aerial View Rendering

From the aerial view of a single family home or building, to commercial developments, industrial sites, hotels, or the skyline of a city’s downtown, we have it all! With our cutting-edge technology, we create vetted 3D aerial designs offering a stunning bird's eye-view of a project within a virtual CG environment. You can choose from a bird’s eye-view or a raised eye-view based upon your requirements.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your 3D Architectural Design Requirements to ThePro3DStudio?

Get access to a diverse talent pool

Get access to a diverse talent pool

Our highly accomplished and professionally trained 3D artists are all certified and possess thorough technical knowledge. That’s what makes our team impressively sound with all the latest technologies. Once you collaborate with us, you get to work with such an incredible team for the long term.

Usage of advanced software

Usage of advanced software

Owing to their outstanding technical acumen, all our team members work with leading, advanced software with feature-rich interfaces. This use of cutting-edge software ensures superior performance and the highest quality results for each 3D project we undertake.

Ability to work on bulk projects

Ability to work on bulk projects

No matter the project volume, our team is competent enough to complete the deliveries within the stipulated time, with 100% professional quality. Our robust team strength is another reason why we are the go-to solution for major real estate companies across the globe.

Custom packages and highly pocket-friendly rates

Custom packages and highly pocket-friendly rates

Not only are our prices highly competitive and budget-friendly, we also offer custom packages based on the project’s scope and requirements. Share your requirements today and get a customized quote specially tailored for you.

24*7 customer support

24*7 customer support

We offer round-the-clock support to all our clients, wherever they are and whenever they need us. Our tech team is quick to resolve any issue with the best possible resolution.

On-demand design changes

On-demand design changes

Considering our expertise working on thousands of architectural visualization projects, we can effortlessly make changes whenever required. So, you can sit back and relax while our team takes care of all your ad-hoc and on-demand iterations.

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There are multiple 3D modeling types that 3D artists avail in their workflow. This depends on the kind of project they are working on and the requirements the client has. Check out the Various Types of 3D Modeling Used in Architectural Projects.

Find an agency that has made a name for itself in the industry and has successfully worked with global clients. Experience and expertise are the two critical factors to consider when signing the contract with your dedicated partner.

ThePro3DStudio has extensive experience working with clients from all over the world in various industries.

We have a fast turnaround time for all our projects, depending on the scope and effort required. As of now, we have successfully worked under tight deadlines with various complexity levels.

We accept Credit/Debit card payments, PayPal payments, bank transfers, and online payments.

The copyright of the 3D asset is licensed to the client who owns the project copyright. The client can use the 3D designs for any purpose they want.

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