ThePro3DStudio has helped numerous businesses succeed in making their unique presence felt in competitive marketspace with compelling 3D visualizations and virtual portrayals of facilities which have inspired trust in prospective customers. To bank on our efficiency and command on 3D solutions, a renowned brewery in Australia has gotten in touch with us. The company had been seeking expert support of a professional firm to create captivating virtual 3D walkthrough of their processing plants, farms and facilities in 3D mode. They wanted to enter into strategic alliance with a firm who could materialize their aspirations in superlative format at cost competitive prices. There was no scope for compromising on quality to curtail expenses as the brewery client had full faith on our capabilities. Further, prospects of negotiating a higher price for the quality job was out of picture as the brewery was on a shoe string budget within which the project had to be pulled off. ThePro3Dstudio’s extensive experience in the 3D visualization domain had drawn the brewery to us and the client was confident that we would be able to carry out stunning work within the allocated budget.


In order to create impeccable renderings of the Australian landscape where the brewery has its farms and facility, it is imperative that access to high quality pictures, videos and terrain related information be made readily available. Any minor deviation would paint a blemished picture of the facility and our entire effort would be botched up. Further, the development team members need to have real time feel of the landscape to ensure that they can translate the same in virtual space in flawless manner. This called for actual visit of the site to understand the subtleties of the location that have to be captured in 3D mode. This could not be pulled off by sharing of certain pictures and limited resources over the internet. Even verbal communication over telephone would not help in recreating the same feel and appeal.


ThePro3Dstudio is always willing to invest in knowledge garnering trips of its development crew to ensure that the 3D outcome is realistic and complements in totality the actual topography that has been projected in virtual space. Accordingly, a dedicated team was set up to visit the facility of the client and take high quality snaps along with other measurements like elevation, terrain specific information, actual dimensions of processing plants at site, the surroundings, unique features of the area in which plant was located etc. In the meantime, client had also sent us some of the exclusive pictures of the facility present with them. A repository was created where all relevant information was collected for collation. We also started working on the storyboard to determine the flow of 3D walkthrough and various illustrations, design elements, and multimedia inputs to be incorporated. We wanted to offer a compelling experience to the viewers and our quality assurance team was keeping a keen eye on the entire workflow to ensure adherence to the development blueprint.

Based on actual panoramic inputs collected through site visit and amalgamating the same with information sent in by the client, a prototype was developed. The simulated 3D architectural walkthrough version was tweaked in accordance with the initial aspirational inputs provided by client. Once a sustainable model was developed, the same was sent to the client for approval. The client expressed extreme happiness at the way our project had been progressing because the prototypes had captured their attention. They were convinced that once the 3D visualizations would be deployed in actuality, they would garner huge response from prospective audiences and trigger phenomenal growth in client’s business. This was also an endorsement of our creative capabilities and ingenuity.

Next, we harnessed the top view visualizations to create 3D gray model using 3DS Max. After this phase, we sought additional inputs from client to perfectly craft the rooftop landscaping. Once the feedbacks were incorporated in the 3D perspective, the project was forwarded to our quality assurance team to check for flaws, shortcomings or deficiencies. Once we got go ahead signal from the quality team, the final 3D project was sent to client.


Our team at ThePro3DStudio succeeded in completing the project within the budget sanctioned by the client. The quality of the final project was impeccable and superlative. The turnaround time was very low which is commendable keeping in view the complexity involved in developing exact resemblance to actual topography and facility architecture. The project was highly rated by the client as it was adjudged optimal in their internal assessments. Accuracy level for the 3D architectural visualization services we rendered was an awe-inspiring 95%.

The client was extremely pleased with the quality of 3D visualization provided by ThePro3DStudio. They immediately entrusted us with the next phase of 3D rendering of the interiors of their production plant. Further, ThePro3DStudio was recommended to other clients who were close corporate acquaintances of brewery client.

If you have any type of requirements pertaining to 3D visualizations and architectural walkthroughs, you can trust our expertise and experience.