Delivered 3D Home Furniture Models for a Manufacturing Firm

Home furniture design casestudy

The Client

The client is a furniture manufacturing firm located in Dubai, UAE, and mainly deals with designing and manufacturing custom-made furnishings, doors, or joinery items, such as kitchen cabinets, doors, wardrobes, dressers, shelves, study tables, dining tables, cushioned stools, coffee tablets, corridor and lounge furniture, etc. They have an established business that has been serving customers in local as well as nearby regions.

The Requirement

The client needed an outsourcing partner who could deliver the 3D furniture design project within a short time. They needed us to deliver robust 3D designs for bedroom furniture and living room furniture and eliminate imperfections, if any.

Given our track record for winning satisfied customers, the client decided to outsource residential furniture 3D design services to us. They also allowed us access to their 3D model repository to get an overall idea of the type of furniture product 3D designs they want. In addition to this, the client offered us the needed specifications that could help us with the project and the format in which they need the outcomes.

Project Challenges

While working on the projects, we faced different challenges such as:

  • Interpreting the client’s concept from the inputs and carrying out 3D furniture designing
  • The mandatory and standard compliances weren’t easy to implement and needed extra attention to details
  • Creating more than 200 3D furniture renderings and completing at least five 3D renderings within a day
  • Looking out for any flaws in the renders and eliminating them using appropriate photo editing techniques
  • Ensuring the delivery of 3D renders with the highest quality and appeal

ThePro3DStudio’s Solution

To ensure that the project was completed on time, we quickly assembled a team of expert 3D designers to commence the 3D home furniture design project. Then we implemented the following steps for developing furniture 3D designs:

  • We offered a free trial to the client so that they could evaluate our work quality and make informed decisions to move forward with the project.
  • We collected the desired files from the client, which included a few samples and references in the PDF version.
  • We assessed the given requirements by the client and allocated the desired team and resources as per the size and complexity of the project.
  • We employed the best 3D furniture design software and ensured that the outcomes matched the requirements specified by the client.
  • After the 3D designs were developed, we send them to our quality control experts to ensure that the outputs adhere to the international quality standards.
  • We also send the files to the client for reviewing and offering feedback before finalizing the 3D designs. This ensured that the client was completely satisfied with the project workflow.
  • We shared the files via secure FTP channels to ensure that there was no loss of data or any security issues.

The Result

As a result of our team effort, we successfully completed the project while reducing the in-house costs of the client. The cost was reduced by almost 60% and all their pending backlogs for residential 3D furniture design were cleared.

The project was completed on time and the precision of the 3D renderings was up to the mark. The client was satisfied with the outcomes and also expressed their interest in working with us for 3D interior rendering solutions.

So, if you have a similar project in mind and need professional help, then you can rely on us! We, at ThePro3DStudio, offer an exceptional class of professional 3D rendering solutions for a variety of products.

For more information about our residential furniture 3D design services, reach ThePro3DStudio right away. We’ll help you to customize the best package that would suit your project needs.