ThePro3DStudio takes immense pride in declaring that it’s continuing with its regular business operations even during the economic slowdown caused by the Corona Virus pandemic. At ThePro3DStudio, we put emphasis on maintaining business continuity to safeguard the interests of our clients and employees alike. All our employees are working from their homes and we are continuing to serve our existing customers and accepting new projects as well. All our teams are providing professional support to our clients and making sure to address every requirement with high levels of diligence, care, and commitment.

All this while, we have adopted strong measures to ensure that our employees work uninterruptedly from the comfort of their homes. Today, we are proud to announce that none of our employees has contracted the virus and are continuing to perform at their best capacities from their homes while being able to stay with their families. Last year, during the first few days when the lockdown was declared for the first time, we could shift 70 percent of the workforce to their homes in distant towns and villages within a week and provided safe accommodation to the remaining 30 percent of employees till they could go back to their respective homes in different states and settle down finally. All these arrangements were made so fast that none of our employees did ever miss any deadline. We even rewarded our star performers on a quarterly, which kept all our employees motivated to deliver their best performances.

At last, we would like to thank our customers for their continued faith in our service and our employees who have remained by our side. Together we can and together we will get over these hard times.

We pray for your safety and we wish you success and good health. Stay Safe. Together we can and together we will fight Covid-19.

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