3D Stall Design

We deliver best-in-class 3D stall design services at the most competitive rates, allowing businesses to create a great mark at exhibitions and trade shows and to get the best returns on their investments.

Our 3D designers have in-depth idea about different types of stall designs and they can develop 3D exhibition stalls that can be easily given a solid, practical, and realistic shape.

Different Types of 3D Stall Designs We Create

We are aware of the characteristics of the exhibition industry and can design event stalls of various types, helping businesses to make the most out of exhibition space and enhance their brand identities. From designing one-side open models to creating 3 or 4 side open event stalls, our 3D designers are proficient at creating exhibition booth of various types depending upon the specific requirements of our clients.

3D Bag Designs

One-side open stall design

A stall design that has one side open is also referred to as a shell scheme design. The size of this module varies from 3m x 3m to 6m x 3m with the common exhibition space being 9 sq. m. to 18 sq. m. Event organizers typically look for shell scheme stalls having an area less than 20 sq. m.

A basic stall of this type can be enhanced to meet the specific needs of event organizers. Even though these stalls have a maximum height of 8 feet, we know how we can create a prominent design that will stand out from the crowd.

Two-side open stall design

We can create stalls with two sides open while ensuring that there’s a perfect balance between height and size. We can create standard 8-feet stalls that you can customize as per your needs.

We can create designs that would allow you to combine two one-side open stalls and create one single stall, thereby facilitating the creation of multiple design options.

Jewelry 3D model
Hat 3D Model

Three-side open stall design

We can create 3D designs of 3 side open stalls that may have a maximum height of 16 feet. Our designs allow event organizers to exercise creativity and develop custom stalls that would allow businesses to optimally benefit from modular event solutions.

Four-side open stall design

We can develop four- side-open event stall designs with heights stretching up to 16 feet. We can create designs of traditional mezzanine stalls, allowing for maximum branding opportunities.

shoe 3D model

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