3D Scan Cleanup Services

Professional, affordable, & advanced 3D scan cleanup services of 3D characters, realistic environments, furniture, props, and more!

Do you need a steady and reliable service provider for efficient 3D scan cleanups?

Let us be your long-term partner! Often, 3D scanners fail to produce a flawless scan, limiting the model for further improvements due to missing elements.

A 3D scan or mesh cleanup process accurately identifies the missing parts of your subject, thereby helping create a flawless 3D model for printing. Turn to our high-end service that is efficient and affordable and gives your 3D scanning business a major boost!

What does our 3D scan clean-up service include?

Our team of expert 3D artists has a sharp eye for detail and can create wonders from any raw scan. You may simply share your models with us that you want to be cleaned up, and get a flawless outcome that speaks of our expertise.

3D environment cleanup

3D environment cleanup

Specialized cleanup technique for 3D environment, removal of noise and grains, unwanted visual elements - thus making the three-dimensional environment setting look hyper-realistic.

3D furniture props cleanup

Scanned images of furniture items are given a polished look and feel by removing smallest of the spots, dust specks, paint scratches, bumps or uneven surfaces. All these are executed by our cleanup experts with fast turnaround.

3D furniture props cleanup

Product 3D scan cleanup

Product 3D scan cleanup

Product images often lack the details or misses the required emphasis. Our 3D mesh cleanup solution enhance the visual appeal of your product images and make them print-ready, as well as perfect for creating 3D product models.

Texture cleanup

Our prolific 3D scan cleaning professionals adds details to the texture, removes dirt, fixes distortions and seams, removes unnecessary data and much more, thus making it look ultra-natural.

Texture cleanup

Why partner with ThePro3DStudio for 3D scan cleanup?

Our veteran 3D artists are specially trained with diverse technologies and tools to make every project up-to-date. Also, our huge range of domain expertise is another reason why you should choose us!

Quick turnaround time

Quick TAT

We have a super-quick delivery or turnaround time without compromising on quality. This is made possible by our usage of innovative tools and following an agile process methodology.


Adherence to international standards

We collaborate with global entities ensuring 100% international standards in our work. Our stringent quality-checking process assures only pixel-perfect quality.


All services under one roof

Whether you require additional services like 3D sculpting, 3D modeling, and more - we have the perfect solution for every requirement you have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of our 3D scan cleanup service mostly depends on the complexity of the object and the amount of effort required in the post-processing to modify the end result, or the final scan.

Just like our pricing, our turnaround time also depends on the complexity of the object. If the scanned image has a lot of intricate details, it takes a longer time, and vice versa.

Yes, we do. We can optimize high-resolution models for seamless applications in animation, games, and simulations with 100% perfect performance and no quality compromise. We utilize advanced retopology technology to scale down models with a large poly count while keeping the aesthetics and the visual appeal intact.

Yes. We primarily work with global entities that make it mandatory to abide by the international standards only. Thereby, after years of working across a diverse range of globally renowned brands, all our work processes follow 100% international standards and regulations.

Let our expert 3D artists turn your 3D scans into hyper-realistic artwork!

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