The client is the founder of a leading environment-friendly furniture company from Switzerland. Their specialty is delivering furniture of elegant designs to homes and offices across the country. The client contacted us through a referral from Dubai for furniture 3D modeling services.

We learned about our new client as they are very environmentally conscious furniture retailers, making it easy to empathize with their ethos and mission statement (a bit different from what we expected). A large part of this was their commitment to sustainable practices in all phases of manufacturing, including buying locally produced materials using wood harvested without unnecessary harmful chemicals or procedures, and recycling up to 95% of any waste generated during manufacturing processes.

They wanted high-quality models of interiors finished with photorealistic rendering to all their offerings. Since the client wanted to open a new branch in another city within weeks, the pressure of completing tight deadlines fell on us. The company entrusted us with its requirements after hearing about ThePro3DStudio's reputation in furniture 3D modeling services.

Project Requirements

  • A high-resolution furniture 3D models imagery with superb quality
  • The configuration, design, and color of furniture for every category must be effectively rendered
  • Create 3d designs for sofas, chair models, desk models, tables from scratch
  • Final outputto be delivered in the PDF format


The client came to us with an unusual request to turn 2D elevations, floor plans, and sections into a 3D Wireframe model- we were up for the challenge. We did this with the help of advanced software.


ThePro3DStudio devoted to creating the most innovative and engaging 3D renderings for interior designers. As a leading company in this industry, we know that it's important not only to create great renderings but also to showcase our work.

ThePro3DStudio submitted furniture 3d models of the interior and snapshots from different angles within three working days. We also interpreted "how it all works" through a presentation. Undertaking the requirements, we established a secure file transfer protocol in the first place to make it easier for clients to send us images and other information without worry.

We appointed a manager to be a one-stop communication point to address client's concerns to work without any interference. For unclear images, lengthy discussions with our client representatives were necessary to identify the requirements.


To ensure the appropriate allocation of resources, a thorough assessment was made before starting the project. Based on the specification, we provided the client with the first draft of rendered images on different types of furniture and how it will look in the new store. We expected detailed feedback on the first draft.

Our team of designers worked extensively on putting the furniture into 3D room sets with a touch of modern and coastal accents. Next, our artists imported furniture 3d models into scenes and began placing them for final rendering. Our goal was to create the models in such a way that whenever a customer visits the website, they must think, “this is a perfect choice for my taste.”

We also showed the images of furniture and decor in a clean white background on the product listing page of the client. To recreate the intricacies of handwoven textiles, marble patterns and naturally crafted wooden surfaces of our products, we created incredibly detailed 3D models.

The viewer will get a tactile feel of textures and fabrics. Also, to produce 3D models that accurately represent real-life furniture, ThePro3DStudio had to create specific measurements.

Due to our extensive experience in deploying state-of-the-art 3D software and having the most accomplished professionals onboard, we were able to fast-track this project before the deadline arrived. In addition, our on-time project delivery enabled them to enter their niche market early and gained a competitive edge over the competition.

The results

After the second round of changes based on the feedback, we submitted the final deliverable on time. The client spoke highly of our artists’ creative ability.

The furniture 3d models were adapted to the various backgrounds. The turnaround time, which was less, the high-quality models, and affordable pricing impressed the client. This client became one of our most loyal customers and will continue to approach us with different projects related to commercial furniture 3d design services.

The company’s modeling-related needs are now being outsourced exclusively to us, and the company will recommend us to others. The Pro3DStudio offers exclusive features that set it apart from other 3D rendering studios.

Since a long time, we have been providing 3D modeling solutions to numerous industry verticals. Our decade-long experience, resource sufficiency, infrastructural independence, experienced professionals, practical pricing, and extensive domain expertise indicate that we can give you customized 3D models to suit your needs.

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