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Affordable & high-end 3D office furniture modeling services that help you gain more buyers. Our 3D experts can create photo-realistic 3D models.

ThePro3DStudio is a well-known 3D design company that offers you affordable office furniture modeling services. We help you with realistic 3D models for your office furniture, which help you gain more clients. As a furniture 3D modeling service provider, we have a strong squad with core expertise in the field. Our well-experienced artists will cater for you not only the good looking models for your office furniture but also the most impressive and attractive visualization that help you understand how it would be perceived before it's even manufactured.

Different Types of Office Furniture 3D Designs We Offer

We offer different furniture models required in an office space. No matter the dimensions, we take utmost care to ensure that the office furniture models that we create fit into your area. We can also try a minor modification with our office furniture design services based on the need.

Some of the different types (not limited to) office furniture design samples are described below

Office chairs design

Office Chairs :

We understand the basic furniture of the workspace. We have designed various office chairs and desks to suit the need. In addition, our experts assist you with the table required for multiple office spaces - front-office desks, workstations, conference rooms and a lot more.

Conference Room Furniture

Our artists help you get beautiful furniture for your conference rooms. We understand the significance of a conference room and help you get the most out of it, with different dimensions based on the space. Not just that, we design conference room tables in various designs - circular, oval, rectangular and more. So if a stylish conference room is what you look for, then you have got it right!

Conference room furniture modeling
Storage furniture designing

Storage Units

We understand the need for the document repository unit in an office, and hence we create the 3D models for the same. Moreover, our experts help you with single-door or multi-door based on your preferences.


We ensure that you keep your office space well-organized with the cupboard designs that suit your needs. Cupboards are inevitable for offices as they would be where you can place your documents.

Cupboards designing
Managerial desks

Managerial Desks

A manager's desk is meant to keep the files organized and supervise others. That's why we help you with the exceptional desks for the managers in the modern designs.

Height Adjustable Desks

We make your workspace experience more comfortable with the height-adjustable chairs, which you can scale up or down depending on your need.

Adjustable desk designs
Reception desk models

Reception Desks

Reception or the front office is the first place where anyone lands to enter the office. So, it creates the first impression. That's why we have exceptional artists who give the utmost care in making it a big success for you with an attractive welcome desk and a suitable chair that suits your ambience.

Food Court Furniture

We design the food court furniture - stylish and colorful chairs and desks for a hassle-free and comfortable dining experience inside the office premises.

Food court furniture designs

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