Top Benefits of Using Aerial View 3D Renderings

June 26, 2023

Architecture 3D Design

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Benefits of aerial view 3D rendering
Aerial 3D Rendering Benefits

Aerial 3D renderings have recently taken over the architectural industry to present the design concepts. Aerial CGI has enabled architects to showcase even the most complex architectural projects in a photorealistic manner. Besides, viewers even find them a lot impressive than the traditional floor plans and elevations.

In this article, we’ll talk about what aerial 3D renderings are so that you can get a better idea of the concept and utilize them to boost the efficiency of your real estate projects. We’ll also discuss the various benefits they can offer and the people who use it the most.

What is Aerial 3D Rendering?

Aerial 3D rendering is referred to as "bird’s eye view rendering". This type of 3D rendering allows you to visualize residential or commercial property spaces on a large scale. In a classic aerial view shot, a zoomed-out view of the architectural space is produced.

For this, the photographer sets the camera angle at a higher altitude, which is nearly 45-60 degrees, and takes the snaps. The final visual will represent what the building or architectural site will look like from a bird’s eye view.

Architectural 3D renderings can offer a realistic map of the project site. This will help clients to view the project from afar even if they aren’t physically present there. Furthermore, clients can use the renders as a map for the surrounding terrain. In addition to that, the renders can provide extremely detailed features, which are impossible to obtain in traditional elevations.

However, these are not the only benefits that 3D aerial renderings can offer. We’ll discuss the other important ones later in this article. Now, let’s see where aerial renderings are used so that you can decide if they could be beneficial to you and your business.

What are the Benefits of Aerial View Renderings?

We’ve already discussed that architects use aerial architectural visualization to showcase building structures. It can demonstrate architectural concepts in an outstanding manner in any style or scale, which can further attract prospects. But, what makes them unique?

To answer this question, we’re going to discuss the 8 main benefits of using aerial CGI for your architectural renders. These features are also going to be beneficial for the architects.

  1. Showcases the whole architecture design

    Showcases the whole design
    Showcases the whole design

    Aside from aerial render, there is no such type of 3D rendering technology that can showcase the whole concept in a single image. The same is even true for a close-up 3D rendering or a street view of the building.

    By using bird’s-eye view 3D renders, architects can demonstrate the full design concept to the clients. In this way, the clients will be able to clearly view and examine the architectural design and make informed decisions. An aerial rendering can showcase everything, starting from the building geometry to the finishing material used.

  2. Minimizes errors before construction process

    Minimizes errors
    Minimizing errors

    With aerial scene renderings, architects can get a great building view. This will help them to determine what needs to be improved or fixed, thereby ensuring that the result is of high quality. Architects can easily identify the irregularities and act accordingly to minimize the errors.

  3. Displays the project infrastructure

    Displays the project infrastructure
    Displays the project infrastructure

    While presenting the concept of a huge building or a group of buildings, such as a resort or residential compound, it is important for architects to display the entire infrastructure. This infrastructure should not only showcase the positioning of the different structures but also showcase how the structures are connected to one another. The same is also applicable for displaying the connection of buildings with different amenities like parking lots, outdoor recreation areas.

    All the above can be possible with aerial CGI. Architects can use them and enable viewers to get an accurate map of the whole property space. In this way, viewers can also understand the full potential of the concept.

  4. Display features that can be only seen from bird’s eye view

    Display features that can be only seen from above
    Displays all the features from above

    With aerial 3D renders, you can include those elements of the building that can’t be seen from the street view. For example, aerial 3D renderings can let you view the rooftop terraces or gardens present in the property. It is the only efficient way to display them on your designs. Showcasing them through the bird’s eye view will also help you to impress the investors.

  5. Can help with early real estate advertisements

    Can help with early advertisements
    Early advertisements

    If you’re a bit acquainted with the marketing practices, you’ll know that early advertisements are great tools for bringing in more customers. The speed is not only beneficial for architectural projects but for other projects as well. By using 3D renderings, architects can quickly develop top-notch 3D visualization for sites that haven’t been developed yet. Early advertisements can be a game-changer in the competitive real estate domain.

  6. Demonstrate the building size accurately

    Demonstrate the building size accurately
    Building Demonstration

    Viewing the architectural project from above is the only way to understand its actual size as you can compare it with the nearby structures. And, the best way to make it possible is through the bird’s eye view 3D rendering. The photorealistic CG images can showcase the entire building from top to bottom, which will help you to understand the real-life context of the property and easily determine the scale. By using them for large-scale architectural projects, investors can understand how grand the future project looks. However, on other hand, if a property is needed to be compact and blended in, it can showcase that as well.

  7. Depicts the design impact on surroundings

    Depicts the design impact on surroundings
    Depict the impact of the design

    No matter whether your goal is to blend in the building with the surroundings or make it stand out, aerial CGI can accurately depict the impact of the design. It can represent how the property would appear in the environment with 100% precision.

  8. Boost the chances to make a sale

    Boost the chances to make a sale
    Increase sales

    Employing aerial 3D rendering technology can produce appealing outcomes. You can use it to your advantage by employing it to draw in prospective buyers, developers, or investors.

    Allowing your clients to visualize the project, as well as the surrounding neighborhood, is the best way to close the deal. It gives your clients a sense of trust and security because they know exactly how the project will end up after construction. This will increase your chances to make a sale.

Using 3D aerial visualization to depict residential and commercial construction is ideal for today’s realtors. Modern-age prospects prefer a larger-than-life visualization of a property or a home development that inspires them to purchase.

So, start leveraging 3D aerial views to showcase your entire property on a grand scale. And if you find it overwhelming to do it yourself, team up with a professional agency that offers high-end 3D aerial view rendering services. Choose your 3D aerial view today and inspire investors and property buyers to invest.

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