All About 3D House Rendering & How to Make Life-like Designs

Updated on: Feb 01, 2023

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3D house rendering
House Plan 3D Rendering

3D technology has become a part of everyday life now and almost all the industries have welcomed this with open hands. Be it manufacturing, architecture, engineering, marketing or even house designing, you will find this everywhere. This is the reason why today we can’t imagine our world without 3D techniques.

Talking about the 3D house rendering, this technique can bring important differences in your real estate project by boosting visibility and increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Both interior and exterior rendering can benefit real estate stakeholders such as real estate agents, architects, real estate businesses, and homeowners with perfect visualization and presentation support.

The house rendering process leads to the creation of photorealistic images that highlight the key architectural design features. In this article, we have highlighted the benefits of 3D house design services and have described how architectural visualization can bring real value for different real estate entities.

So let’s begin our journey of explaining 3D house rendering and how you can create real to life designs using this technique.

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Importance of 3D Home Rendering Before Construction

3D house rendering has its own importance and here we will discuss how this technology is providing multiple benefits to the various industry verticals today.

  • Better Presentation

    Using 3D rendering helps in promoting presentations making them look top-notch, thereby facilitating better collaboration and communication.

  • Provides Comfort to Choose

    Prospective homeowners can see 3D architectural renders to check if a property would meet their lifestyle needs that too sitting right on their couch and thus it gives a comfort to choose what they are looking for without even visiting the property in person.

  • An Effective Marketing Tool

    Apart from other benefits, 3D home rendering is also an effective marketing tool and realtors can use 3D renders quite effectively for promoting their property to the potential buyers. In simple terms, 3D renders give a complete idea of how the property will look even before the construction is done.

  • Eases the Demonstration

    With 3D house designs, it is possible to demonstrate the space, size, and proportions of your project in a precise manner.

  • Curbs Heavy Investment

    House rendering allows real estate developers to skip the idea of creating a model home, which entails heavy investments. This leads to significant savings in terms of money, effort, and time.

Various Stages of 3D Home Rendering

Home rendering consists of three major stages namely:

  • The First Stage

    A skeleton is created using a 2D plan. Professionals delivering 3D rendering services should share an initial draft so as to allow clients to advise them on the camera angle.

  • The Second Stage

    In this stage, colors, textures, and material finishes are added to enliven images. Architects can send these drawings to their clients for design approval.

  • The Third Stage

    This is the final phase of the rendering process. During this stage, clients receive the finalized digital 3D imagery.

Types of House Renderings

So the below are the various types of 3D house renderings. Let’s have a look to understand the core of the topic.

  • Exterior Rendering

    Exterior or external rendering tops the list of 3D rendering because it is the most commonly and widely used technique in all the industry verticals. Talking about the architectural and engineering industry it is the most opted technique that is nailing the property and collateral presentation and has changed the view of properties to 3D how we see these today in a photorealistic view.

    The reason why this technology is so in trend for architectural and engineering purposes is because of its photorealism and the focus of lighting and texturing that is winning the marketing game.

    Along with this, using this technique the clients can view any property from all the possible angles that is possible when you visit the property physically.

  • Interior Rendering

    Like the exterior rendering, interior 3D rendering has its own importance and without a beautiful interior one cannot expect their property to be sold at ease. There are several designs and types of renderings available to make the interior of the property look stunning and in trend.

    Using this technique you can showcase the livability, space and other important elements that a buyer looks for while making the buying decision for a property.

  • Panoramic/360 Degree View

    Imagine you are viewing a property from all the angles sitting right on your couch, sounds interesting right? Well this is possible with CG panoramas or in simple words 360 degree view of the property created using 3D rendering.

    This is the latest process which is used to create architectural marvels even before the property is created in the physical form. Using this technique you can showcase the property inside out that helps largely in your marketing efforts as well as influences the buyer’s purchasing decision.

  • 3D Walkthrough Animation Rendering

    Up till now we discussed the still views of the property and now it's time to discuss the type of 3D house rendering that is movable like a short video or descriptive animation.

    The best part of this technique is that using it one can dig deep into the tiniest of details of the property and thus using this the buyers can see what they are looking for in a manner of a few seconds.

    However, being the video type the approach of this technique is a bit different as compared to the other 3D house rendering techniques.

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  • Virtual Tours

    Virtual tours of the property have become the latest fad these days as all the sellers be it the brokers, property dealer or the owner have shifted the way of presenting the property and using the virtual tours you can present your property just like your buyer is visiting the property physically, but in reality they are having a look at the same sitting right at the comfort of your home.

Architectural Rendering Software


You should ideally outsource 3D architectural visualization services to a reputed company. Such companies employ experienced 3D artists who can deliver dedicated support, thereby helping in the fast and efficient accomplishment of project objectives

These companies offer customized packages and reasonable rates, allowing real estate stakeholders to get higher returns on their investments.

As designing is the forte of an architect, the 3D rendering is the forte of a 3D rendering artist. The technical expertise that comes with executing various such 3D renderings is the prime reason you must consider outsourcing your 3D house design services.

We at ThePro3DStudio, try to deliver the best-suited project, customized to your specific requirement, budget and time. Connect with us today for high-quality 3D exterior rendering services. Connect with Us Here! We are excited to hear from you.

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