Traditional home staging is a costly business and it involves huge commitments both in terms of time and effort. No wonder why, the real estate industry has shifted to virtual staging, thereby rendering traditional home staging obsolete. If you are a real estate agent who doesn’t have adequate budget to stage multiple properties, then virtual staging is a cost-effective option for you to maximize the value of vacant properties and to optimize their marketing strategies.

Virtual staging brings a property into the limelight, allowing prospects to visualize how their future homes would look like. In this article, we would discuss about the different types of virtual staging and how it benefits real estate entities and homeowners alike.

Different Types of Virtual Staging

Virtual Furniture Positioning for Vacant Residences

Creative graphic artists can transform empty properties into stylish homes that prospects would love to view as their dream homes. Using CG technologies, graphic artists can include virtual furniture staging to the images of vacant rooms and can add items of home décor, wall art, plants, etc. This way, they enliven empty spaces, transforming them into a classy, cozy home. Experienced professionals performing virtual staging deliver photorealistic outcomes and that’s the reason why you should do business with a reputed 3D design studio that employs virtual staging professionals and deploys advanced software.

Awe-inspiring virtual re-Styling

Virtual restyling is a process that involves the digital replacement of existing furniture with new items. This technique is applied to upgrade and refine property images. 3D artists can creatively include new items digitally and eliminate unwanted and old items from images so as to bestow a whole new look to images. They make sure to include appropriate furniture, accessories, and artwork to add persona to the home. Virtual staging highlight the value of an old property while giving potential customers an idea of how the home may appear with creative upgrades.

Digital Interior Renovation

Digital renovation of indoor spaces brings good results for those properties that do not have adequate demand even if they are built with high-quality materials and have a good layout. If a home has poorly maintained interiors, potential customers are more likely to feel disinterested about this property. Since most home sellers would not be interested to spend money on home renovation, 360 virtual staging may prove to be a very cost-effective solution for them to showcase their properties in the best light. Expert graphic artists can beautify shabby interiors by deploying state-of-the-art digital technologies. Virtual renovation can greatly transform certain components such as wall color, flooring, and finishing materials.

Extraordinary 3D Floor plans

It’s quite difficult for most prospects to understand 2D drawings. Such prospects do not get a proper understanding of the premises and parameters because of which they fail to get a picture of their real homes from 2D floor plans. 3D floor plans showcase the property layout as well as all other aspects and parameters in detail, which is why potential customers are able to get a holistic view of their future homes. 3D floor plans highlight the value of a property by demonstrating its unique features such as glazing walls or big windows. The virtually staged floor plans also highlight how spacious and well-planned a property is.

Impactful Exterior Transformation

Virtual staging can greatly transform the exteriors of a building, thereby saving home sellers from making costly investments in exterior renovation. Virtual exterior renovation works well with those homes that have a poorly-maintained lawns, gardens, or parking spaces. With virtual staging, home sellers or real estate brokers can inject a new life to a home’s exterior spaces, thereby boosting its curb appeal. Graphic artists can enhance the overall appearance of a building by creating a green front-yard and planting flowers along the boundaries. They can repaint walls, thereby giving homes a brand new makeover. These changes may work as a renovation- guidebook for the customers who would buy properties in their current conditions. This would allow them to understand how they should implement changes in order to create a really-beautiful real home.

Virtual Property Tour

360 degree virtual tours, based on 3D rendering and 3D visualization, are powerful virtual staging techniques that highlight the best features of a property in the most captivating way. Property walkthroughs allow prospects to view every room in detail by rotating cameras. They can also view each feature by applying the Zoom feature. Walkthroughs make viewers feel their own presence in the property and this way, they allow potential customers to relate well to the property. 360 degree virtual tours are ideal marketing tools for brokers who target clients who stay abroad and cannot visit the site physically.

Benefits of Virtual Staging for Homeowners and Real Estate Brokers

So why do you need Virtual Staging? Let’s just sum up the benefits of virtual staging for real estate brokers and homeowners:

Staged homes can be sold faster

It is a known fact that selling a home is a stressful and time-consuming process in the present competitive scenario. According to, a staged home sells 88 percent faster than a home that has not been promoted through virtual staging. Given the fact that 90 percent of home buyers look for property online, it is important that homes are showcased online in the best possible manner.

Virtual Staging is a cost-effective option

Real home renovations are costly processes and home sellers may not be ready to make costly investments initially. But with virtual staging, they can still manage to showcase their homes online in the most gorgeous manner and save money that they can otherwise use to relocate or to fund other activities that are associated with selling their homes.

Virtual Staging Supports Real Estate Marketing

Of the 90 percent customers who look for home online, 97 percent believe that photographs are the most vital aspects of home listing. Visually-appealing home listings are crucial to attracting prospects’ interests. With virtual staging, it is possible to display every room with glory. Vacant rooms make it difficult for prospects to determine their true potential. Virtually staged properties allow customers to visualize their own items and to determine what they should do to make it feel like their own homes.

Virtual Staging is less-expensive than traditional home staging

Virtual staging is a significantly cost-effective option than traditional staging. Not every home seller has the budget to opt for traditional staging and invest in costly furnishings. Traditional staging does not work well for homes that have been in the market for a longer period of time and for owners of mid-range or smaller homes, who cannot afford a traditional staging budget. By investing just a few hundred dollars in virtual staging, home sellers can create a stunning online display of their properties and showcase every detail to its highest potential.

Virtual Staging promotes the inclusion of several design elements

With traditional staging, home sellers get limited options with regard to furnishings and items of home décor. However, with virtual staging, home sellers get limitless options to showcase their properties in the most brilliant manner. Virtual staging specialists can portray a home’s interiors in the best possible way, based on the current industry trends.

Owners can put their homes on sale while being in the market

Virtual staging allows home owners to stay at their homes while being able to list them in the market. Virtual staging professionals do not edit elements that are present in a home, so homeowners need to remove unwanted items from their rooms and once photos are clicked for staging purposes they can again bring their existing furniture back to their usual places. Therefore, virtual staging allows homeowners to lead their usual lives.

Virtual staging allows home owners to stay at their homes while being able to list them in the market. Virtual staging professionals do not edit elements that are present in a home, so homeowners need to remove unwanted items from their rooms and once photos are clicked for staging purposes they can again bring their existing furniture back to their usual places. Therefore, virtual staging allows homeowners to lead their usual lives.

Are you a real estate broker or a home owner who is looking to sell your home and looking for virtual home staging companies? We have virtual staging specialists in our team and they can ensure that they beautify your homes virtually to the best possible extent in the most aesthetic manner. Call us or write to us today to know how we can work together and design a project plan that would meet your specific needs.

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