Perfect home décor can be achieved by visualizing and implementing matching colors and furniture. With 3D home designs readily available, there is no scarcity of interior design ideas that will really give your space a facelift.

You can get inspirations for home interior design using online 3D visualization platforms in fun and easy manner. You need to develop a floor plan based on your preferred dimensions, put in correct finish and materials, and then furnish the space using elements from product library.

Proven Ideas For Designing Home in 3D

If you are looking to create your own unique house plans through 3D home design framework, you need to adhere to tips shared below for stellar results.

  1. Always Use Scaled Versions of Virtual Elements

    With 3D house plans, you can put things in right perspective on the floor plan so that during actual interior designing, there is no incongruity.

    Scaled down elements used on plan would occupy same space in real life as is evident in 3D. You can also use the right material and finish which can be reproduced in real life. Guesswork from house decorating ideas is eliminated.

  2. Experiment With Different Furniture and Decorative Elements

    Virtual staging empowers you to try various home furnishing materials life sofas, wardrobes etc. without needing to open the mouth of your wallets on physical items.

    With architecture 3d design you can get a concrete feel of how the things would look in your room and which finish would accentuate the visual appeal of your space.

  3. Finalize The Idea That You Want To Be Materialized In Reality

    You can confidently get your house architecture designed in 3D and then get it reproduced in actual. You will know beforehand what the outcome would be like.

    The layout and furnishing would exactly replicate what you would see in 3D home design.

Certain Mistakes You Must Avoid While Designing For Home

It is important that you are not too carried away by the sleek looks of 3D design. Apply your discretion and avoid the mistakes discussed below.

  1. Not Complementing Your Lifestyle With Home Design

    Your home’s layout must be aligned with your lifestyle. If you are planning, for example, to rent a part of your apartment, you must make provision for a separate entry.

    If guests frequently visit you, there must be a separate room with attached toilet for catering to needs of guests.

  2. Ignoring the Functional Aspect of Spaces

    If your plan is not meticulous, you will experience problems after moving in. If kitchen is located away from entrance, weighty grocery items have to be lugged all the way.

    Always visualize the functional significance of space before finalizing the blueprint. With 3D walkthroughs, visualizing of the 3D floor plan design becomes easier.

  3. Overlooking The Proposed Usage of Space

    After ensuring functional relevance of space, you need to focus on deciding the proper use of space. If the route to kitchen, for example, passes through living room, family members watching television would occasionally face distractions.

  4. Not Allocating Space Properly

    You need to optimize on available space using 3D home design and visualization platform. Wasting space for making way for corridors etc. is not advisable.

    The home furniture design as well as other elements can be visualized impeccably in 3D, hence put to use every inch of space.

  5. Not Making Provision For Sufficient Storage

    When the interior designers showcase design for home, you need to discuss with them about provision for sufficient and right storage in the space.

    Your lifestyle would dictate the storage needs prominently. If you neglect storage requirements initially, you will face problem in managing clutter later on.

  6. Not Visualizing How Furniture Would Be Positioned

    During 3D architecture rendering of your home, you must focus on how best the furniture can be placed within available space.

    Layout should be considered so as not to create obstructions to free movement. Virtual staging would help you visualize best way to place furniture in walled or open space.

  7. Not Planning Your Space Beforehand

    We tend to save a few bucks by not hiring professional architect. When the construction is underway, most of us share our ideas about layout with builder. This can be a costly mistake.

    To avoid this, you can have sessions with an interior designer who is proficient in handling 3D home design software. You can plan home layout beforehand at optimal cost.

  8. Not Considering Future Infrastructural Changes

    Your home is not all about space. It also consists of infrastructure which is hidden from your direct view. This includes plumbing, electrical, chimney and other accessories. The layout of home should be designed by remaining conscious of future needs.

    Suppose, you need to relocate the washroom. If the earmarked location is not closer to drain, you have to make expensive modifications. In 3D visualization platform, you can also create 3D elevation design for mapping future needs.

Top Free 3D Home Design Software

Choosing the best home design software is an important part of your home construction or remodeling project.

It will not only help to get a photorealistic vision of your home but will also help you to improve your 3D home interior designs in the best possible way.

Here are some of the top free 3D home and interior design software you can use.

  1. SketchUp

    You can easily find this free 3D design software online. It is one of the most powerful tools for 3D home designing and has the potential to make your otherwise boring spaces immersive.

    The software is flexible and is as simple as carrying out the designing work with paper and pen. It has a both free and paid version.

    The free version can be used by hobbyists and beginners. However, professionals can make use of the advanced version for covering their interior design, architecture, construction, and engineering projects.

  2. Floorplanner

    The Floorplanner software is mostly used for the designing and decorating of property spaces. It supports both 2D and 3D designing and can be used online, thereby keeping you away from the hassle of downloading.

    One of the prominent features of this software is interior decorating. Besides, you can also use it to create floor plans. Once you are done with it, you can simply switch the view and decorate your property in the 3D mode.

    The software is simple and easy to use. If you are looking for software that does not have a steep learning curve, you can try out Floorplanner.

  3. 3ds Max

    This 3D home design software contains a range of features suitable for architectural visualization. Apart from that, it is also suitable for other activities like game development and visual effect production.

    3ds Max is compatible with Windows operating systems. It is available in both free and paid versions. Users can use the trial version for free or purchase the full version at $1,545/year.

    A few of the notable features of this software are polygon, spline-based, and subdivision surface 3D modeling; keyframe animation; motion capture; etc. All of it can be employed for creating 3D home design projects.

  4. Cinema 4D

    Cinema 4D is famous for its easy to use interface. This 3D house design software enables easy controlling of effects due to its screen space reflection and depth of the field feature.

    In addition to this, the software will also let users export the renders of home spaces. In this way, clients get to preview and approve the renders before the development activity starts. It can run on both Windows and macOS.

    The software can be also used as a 3D animation tool. So, in case you wish to add an interactive element to your 3D home renders, you can do that too.

3D home design is an exciting field whose potential is limitless. You can optimize on this platform to create layout of your space in realistic, time and cost-efficient manner by eliminating guesses. At ThePro3DStudio, seasoned 3D artists and experts are always willing to help you out.

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