Top 5 Interior Design Ideas That Are Trending in 2024

Updated on: April 18, 2024

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Trends in interior design are constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest styles. While you should probably consult a professional interior designer on such matters, it doesn't hurt to research and experiment with different design ideas.

With that in mind, we have prepared this list focusing on some of the upcoming modern interior design trends for 2024. We will also review some trends that will be out of style so you know what to avoid.

Let’s get started!

  1. Natural Stone Trims and Slabs

    Natural stones were a popular choice for decorating materials decades ago. This material is coming back in style because it is sustainable, eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and doesn’t absorb moisture. Stone adds a unique aesthetic to your interiors and helps maintain a cool temperature within your home.

    There are many options in stone, the most popular ones being marble, granite, and slate. Marble and slate can be used for a polished look and are suitable for modern interior styles.

    Add beauty and personality to your living spaces by using natural stone on your window sills, door frames, kitchen counters, and backsplashes.

  2. Paper and Fabric lighting

    In the early 1950s, American designer Isamu Noguchi reimagined paper lanterns as electric paper lantern pendants, and the paper lantern light became a permanent fixture in interior design. Now, we are seeing a resurgence of paper lantern pendants thanks to a push for eco-friendly and sustainable decor.

    Another variation is the fabric-covered lights that use cotton, burlap, silk, and linen. You can also find other paper light fixtures like table and floor lamps.

    These fixtures often have a soft, warm, and ambient glow, making them aesthetically pleasing and welcoming.

    Paper and fabric lights have a timeless style, making them a good fit for any theme. Add them to any room in the house for a playful touch.

  3. Arches and curves

    Another interior design trend seeing a comeback is the use of curves and arches. This trend, popular in the 1970s and 1980s, is seeing a revival in architecture and home decor due to a push towards having more “natural-looking” homes.

    Now, architects and interior designers are using curves and arches in doorways, entryways, ceilings, windows, recessed walls, furniture, and fittings.

    Design enthusiasts say the soft flowing lines of curves and arches resemble nature more than the sharp lines and edges we normally use in our living spaces.

    From a design perspective, arches draw attention to the height of your walls, making your room look more spacious. The rounded corners and soft edges also make you feel relaxed, calm and welcomed when you look at them.

  4. Bigger, bare windows for more natural light

    There is nothing better than natural light when creating a warm living space. The main benefit of incorporating this trending design is that it enhances the aesthetic look of the room by making it look larger and the colors look brighter. Natural light also positively impacts people’s moods and overall well-being.

    You can maximize the natural light in your rooms by using big, bare windows and reflective surfaces that amplify the light. Thus, understanding the importance of natural light and strategically placing the right windows can transform the ambiance of any living space.

  5. Vintage style

    From the other trends on this list, it is clear that retro trends and styles are making a strong comeback. Another new trend is including vintage furniture or antique items in interior decor.

    Vintage items typically emphasize historical values and gel well with modern and contemporary trends.

    Incorporating vintage items and antiques in your interior designs can help create a scene locked in time. Add a bit of history and timelessness by adding vintage items to your living spaces.

    It will be even better if you repair and use old furniture or appliances that have been in your family for generations. They will not only add nostalgia but will also serve as a conversation starter.

  1. Fast furniture

    One of the trends making its way out is fast furniture. At some point, people liked purchasing these fashionable yet easy-to-breakdown and inexpensive pieces of furniture. They were a trend among those who constantly relocated, changed home designs, upgraded homes, downsized, etc.

    However, fast furniture is being phased out as it is not built for longevity and is therefore not sustainable. While convenient, it is no longer a good option for your living spaces as they can fall apart anytime.

  2. Non-functional accessories

    Accessories add charm to your spaces and have been widely accepted in the interior design world for a long time. Each person has their own preference when choosing accessories, which reflects their interests and likes.

    However, non-functional accessories like glass objects, sculptures, etc., are on their way out as more people embrace the minimalist approach to interior design.

    The goal is to keep things that add to your decor while also serving a function, such as switching out a cute but rock-hard throw pillow for one you can use.

  3. Overdressed beds

    Overlayered beds or overdressed beds are ones with too many pillows, sheets, and quilts. While they can make you feel warm and cozy, they are quickly going out of style as people are shifting to a cleaner look.

    People now want a luxurious and inviting bed without being overly fussy. However, your bedroom is your personal space, and you should decorate it according to your tastes and needs. So, we’ll leave this one up to you.

  4. Statement shelves

    Statement shelves are another design trend that has become outdated. Apart from the storage, the statement shelves were used as a decorative element in the homes.

    These are now being switched out for minimal shelves that look neat as they occupy a lot of space, look chaotic, are hard to maintain, and don't complement modern interior designs.

  5. Accent walls

    Some people think the walls that meet their eyes when they enter the room should be the center of attraction. Many choose them as accent walls to bring their interiors together.

    An accent wall is more than just a wall painted in a contrasting or complementary color. It is usually designed with a different color, shade, design, or material different from the other walls around it.

    When done right, accent walls can bring the whole room's look together.

    When not done correctly, accent walls can feel random and out of place instead of acting as the room's highlight. They can work against your design and divide the room if their design is too different. They can also make the space look worse and feel crowded if there are a lot of design elements in the room.

    While this trend is still present, it is better to avoid it unless you can do it right.

Refresh your space now!

With interior design, the main goal is to create a space that represents you and makes you feel at home. From long-lasting furniture to nostalgic designs and natural light, these trends promise to create stunning personal spaces.

We hope these interior design ideas inspire you to experiment with different styles and try something new. If you are a homeowner looking to change your home interiors or an interior designer looking for unique ways to help your clients visualize their dream home, take the help of companies offering 3D interior design services.

Feel more at home in your house. Cheers!

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