A Brief Guide on Different Types of 3D Visualization for Architectural Designs

Updated on: Feb 14, 2023

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Architecture visualization types
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3D is not a new term for us. Rather it is a demanding and developing technology these days. The industry also rapidly accepts the concept of 3D architecture as it has huge benefits. Architectural visualization is on the rise and brings a positive change to the perspectives. A well-developed architectural design is the need of the hour and is in high demand.

3D visualization is one of the most important aspects of 3D architecture, which can be defined as a photorealistic virtual picture of the product interiors and exteriors even before its implementation in real life. 3D companies are growing and are competing by providing different services. Advancements in technology have helped in enhancing architectural visualization over the years.

This process includes fabricating a three-dimensional model from an actual image. Creating a lifelike or non-photorealistic image is the major objective of the process.

What are the Different Types of Visualization Methods Used for Architectural Designs

  • 360-degree view

    360-degree view
    360-degree view
    • The visualizations are two-dimensional, and today's most significant trend is a 360-degree panoramic view.
    • Applying this technique to both interior and exterior, viewers can see the architect's plan from several angles.
    • It helps zoom and rotate the image and look at every small detail from different sides.
    • This solution requires time and skill, but the result will be outstanding and interactive.
    • It is displayed on digital devices, including smartphones.
  • Virtual tour

    Virtual tour
    3D virtual tour
    • Virtual tours help the audience interact with the different parts of the property.
    • It produces an immersive effect of being physically inside the building, and the user can take control of the tour.
    • The interaction with the house within the environment is one of the most impressive features of virtual tours.
    • This type of three-dimensional visualization helps in giving the buyer the actual feel of seeing a room even if it is located thousands of miles away.
  • 3D Interior Visualization

    3D Interior Visualization
    Interior design visualization
    • The occupant's lifestyle is the major focus of the CGI based architectural interior visualization.
    • It helps in creating a real space that illustrates the architect's idea.
    • This type of three-dimensional visualization helps buyers settle their expectations and think about the concept.
    • Showcasing the objects that cannot be easily abandoned by the occupants and hold sentimental value, such as decorations, layouts, artworks, etc.
    • An emotional aspect of the living space is accentuated.
    • This technique is the best practice for introducing a potential living space to the inhabitants even before it is built.
    • This kind of visualization gives the buyer time to make several changes and improve the interior according to his preferences.
    • A challenge in this type of visualization is to find the balance between inside elements and the space.

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  • 3D Walkthroughs

    3D Walkthroughs
    3D walkthrough designs
    • A method of visualization that is developed in the 3D animation form useful for promotional videos
    • These animations often are between 30 sec to 10 min
    • 3D walkthrough animation solutions offers the client a deep understanding of the environment and gives a major focus on the specific key parts
    • One of the effective methods but a bit time consuming and requires extensive work.
  • 3D exterior visualization

    3D exterior visualization
    Exterior design visualization
    • Using technical drawings helps to communicate details about the workflow and designs.
    • However, 3D exterior visualization services give a user-friendly view of the planned project and help get a photorealistic depiction of the outer structure.
    • It resembles the vision of the architect and translates the design features.
    • The location and the surrounding of the building are highlighted in the exterior visualization structure.
    • Perfect weather plays a crucial role in exterior visualization.

Different Steps in the 3D Visualization Process

  • Texture and materials

    • An accurate depiction of the objects materials is important for a realistic result
    • 3D artists can change the appearance and settings of the material

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  • Lighting

    • Convincing lighting makes the product look natural.
    • Shadows make the object appear real, and that's why artists have to consider the lighting feature while carrying out the rendering process.
  • Details

    • The next step is to continue with the model and add details to complete the concept.
  • Feedback

    • Client feedback must be collected, and the changes must be made accordingly.
    • Artists will make changes and then submit the visual for final approval.
  • Final Delivery

    • Upon approval the final three-dimensional render is handed over to the client in a suitable format.

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