List of Best 3D Floor Plan Software Programs in 2023

Updated on: Feb 07, 2023


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Best Floor Plan Software
Floor Plan Design Software

Architects use detailed floor plans in order to showcase home’s indoor spaces and a building’s interior layout to potential homebuyers so as to allow them to make informed decisions and close deals faster. Some architects create floor plans themselves by using floor planning software while others choose to outsource the floor plan design requirements task to another company that specializes in architectural 3D visualization.

If you are an architect who has decided to adopt the DIY-way, you may consider knowing about the best floor plan software in 2023 to make sure that you are able to channelize your efforts properly. In this article, we have prepared a list of top floor plan programs that can help you create detailed and technically-perfect floor plans. Here we go:

Which software programes are best for 3D floor plan design?

  • Floorplanner


    This floorplanner program comes equipped with the drag-and-drop feature that allows for the creation of home sketches that can be viewed in a three-dimensional plane. You can demonstrate a project at an early stage using furniture models from the software’s library that is quite comprehensive.

    Features: Multi-user logins, High-resolution images, Superior Quality 3D Rendering

    Floorplanner Pricing : This is a paid program consisting of three levels namely, Basic, Plus, and Pro. Different pricing applies for different plans.

    • Basic: Free
    • Plus: $14.95/year
    • Pro: $29/year
  • SmartDraw


    SmartDraw program serves as floor plan designer, flowchart maker, and organizational chart maker. It features collaboration and file-sharing features, a web-based editor, and more than 4,500 templates. It comes equipped with CAD-type sketching features and more than 34,000 symbols. It comes with both free and paid options.

    Features: Intelligent Formatting, Easy Integration with Other Tools, Automatic spacing, alignment, sizing and color schemes for a professional finish.

    SmartDraw Pricing: This is a paid program consisting of two levels namely, for single users and multi-users

    • Single User: $9.95 Per Month
    • Multi-user: $5.95 Per User/ Per Month (For 5+ Users)
  • HomeByMe


    HomeByMe platform features a user-forum where people can discuss their layout designs and can share their ideas with others for valuable feedback. You can create your first-ever floor plan on this website. You can create an elaborate plan and then add the X-factor by using different styles of furniture and items of décor.

    You don’t need to make any payment for the first 3 floor plan designing attempts, after which you need to pay $10 for another two projects. You can also get your 2D plan converted into a 3D plan by paying an extra amount.

    Features: High Definition Images, 3D Branded Models Catalog, DIY Furniture Creator, 2D Plan Creator and Annotation.

    HomeByMe Pricing : This is a free and paid program consisting of two levels namely, Starter Plan & Premium Plan.

    • Starter Plan: Free
    • Premium Plan: $29 / month paid annually
  • RoomSketcher


    RoomSketcher is compatible with tablets, MacOS, and PC. You can perform remodeling, create floor plans, design indoor spaces, tweak furniture items, and create awe-inspiring 3D visualizations. You would find it quite easy to edit floor plans very easily because of the drag-and-drop functionality.

    You can even create engaging 3D tours by using this software. You can even perform virtual staging using real, branded items. You can either create your own finishes or you may use finishes from the library. You would get free trials as well as different levels of paid versions to work with.

    Features: High-quality Floor Plans, Beautiful 3D Visuals, Easy to Draw Floor Plans, Blueprint to Floor Plan Service, 360 Degree Views

    RoomSketcher Pricing: This is a paid program consisting of three levels namely, Educational, Personal & Business Plans.

    Educational Plan:

    • Free Trial
    • VIP: $49 per year (Includes 20 Credits*)
    • Pro: $99 per year (Includes 50 Credits*)

    Personal Plan:

    • Starting Plan: $38 per level
    • VIP: $49 per year (Includes 20 Credits *)
    • Pro: $99 per year (Includes 50 Credits*)

    Business Plan:

    • Starting Plan: $38 per level
    • Pro: $99 per year (Includes 50 Credits*)
    • High Volume: Price on Request (More than 100 floor plans per month)
  • Civil 3D

    Civil 3D

    You can use this Civil 3D software to create 3D home plans as well. You can use the free version, but a paid membership would allow you to get access to the program’s advanced functionalities.

    This is one of the products of AutoDesk and it facilitates infrastructure design as well. It promotes better performance and collaborations as well. It comes with a monthly free trial as well as 1 or 3-year subscriptions.

    Features: Easy Integration with Other Tools & Apps, Consist of accurate geospatial systems, Ease of Use & Versatility.

    Civil 3D Pricing: This is a paid program consisting of three levels.

    • Monthly: $320
    • Annually: $2,550
    • 3 Yearly: $7270
  • Planner5D


    You can download Planner5D on your Android or iOS device. Users can share their interior designing ideas with each other.

    You can create photorealistic and high-resolution 3D imagery and perform high-quality 3D rendering using this software that has both basic (free) and advanced versions that are paid.

    Features: Creates Life-like Photos Using Shadows & Lighting Effects, Huge Gallery with 4000+ Catalogs, Ease of Switching from 2D to 3D Models.

    Pricing: This software is absolutely free.

  • SketchUp


    This is a popular CAD software that facilitates the creation of 3D renders of furniture, landscape, and interiors. You would find some really incredible features even in the basic version that you can use to create superior-quality models.

    You can access this software anywhere and anytime and manipulate lighting, layers, textures, and animations easily. You can use Free Trial and then upgrade to the SketchUp Pro version that comes with a permanent license.

    Features: Gives a Photorealistic Feel with Light Rendering Features, Ease of Use for both Beginners and Professionals, Develops Quick Floor Plans, Available in 10+ Global Languages.

    This is a free and paid program: This is a free and paid program.

    • SketchUp: Free
    • SketchUp Pro: $299 Annually
  • Roomle


    You can create demonstrations of home or office floor plans while including furnishing as well by using this Roomle program. This software helps in the perfect visualization of the room space, thereby promoting the concept of an ideal space.

    You will get access to a 3D catalog and an entire range of furnishings. You can create personalized designs by changing objects as well. You can use its virtual reality feature to create dynamic virtual walkthroughs. You can download the app on your smartphone and tablets. The basic version is free whereas the business version comes with a price tag.

    Features: 3D Visualization is Possible, Helps in Creating 2D & 3D Floor Plans, Creates 3D Renders in 360 Degree Panorama Format, For Professional Use Only.

    Roomle Pricing: This is a paid software with Monthly and Yearly based plans.


    • Level 1- 3D Viewer: €150 / month (14 Days Trial)
    • Level 2- Material Configurator: €300 / month
    • Level 3- Product Configurator: €1200 / month
    • Level 4- Enterprise Integration: Custom Price


    • Level 1- 3D Viewer: €120 / month (14 Days Trial)
    • Level 2- Material Configurator: €240 / month
    • Level 3- Product Configurator: €1000 / month
    • Level 4- Enterprise Integration: Custom Price
  • Sweet Home 3D

    Sweet Home 3D

    Sweet Home 3D is a popular option among architects and interior designers. You can use this application to create house plans and floor plans and perform virtual staging as well. You can create plans and tweak the wall dimensions, colors, size, textures, and placement of the furniture.

    You can experiment with the lights to achieve photorealism. This is an open source program, which means that you are free to modify the program’s source code in order to match your own workflow. You can even get various plugins integrated easily.

    Features: One of the Most Cost-Effective Software, Easy Drag & Drop Feature, Easily Customizable Designs, Allows Java Plug-in to Enhance Features.

    Pricing: Sweet Home 3D is open source and is available for free.

  • PlanningWiz Floor Planner

    PlanningWiz Floor Planner

    You can use PlanningWiz software to create 2D as well as 3D floor plans. It has some basic design functionalities, but you can still use them to create professional layouts. You can develop designs of outdoor spaces as well. You can get a logo engraved in your final outcomes.

    You can create captivating presentations to give your clients a clear view of your project. It also makes landscape designing easier; you can create unique layouts of playgrounds, parks, and recreational grounds. There’s a free trial available and you can approach the vendor for a customized quote.

    Features: Easy Drag & Drop Interface, Consist of Wide Database for Various Fixing Functionalities, Well-equipped with Furniture Templates.

    PlanningWiz Pricing: This is a paid software with two types of plans namely, Grow & Pro.

    • Grow: $10.90 per month
    • Pro: $15.90 per month


Even though most of the programs are easy to use, you would still need a lot of time to master the skills to use them properly. If you are looking for to outsource your floor plan 3D design services, you should choose to do business with a 3D rendering studio that employs experienced 3D designers.

We, at ThePro3DStudio, employ a team of 3D designers who have great experience in utilizing advanced floor plans tools found in modern floor planning software and floor layout software, and have the ability to create exceptional walkthrough videos and 3D interior and exterior visualizations.

Talk to us for a quote; we are waiting to help you out with your unique 3D floor plan design projects.

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