Client Profile

The patron is a large manufacturer of electronic products in the UK and his company manufactured high-end consumer goods such as ovens, refrigerators, electric kettles. The company hired our 3D design services for their next product launch.

Project Requirements

The company sent us a few reference images that reflected their design objectives. It was their first 3D project, so they wanted us to add our product design and development ideas. They requested prototypes before going real-time. Their client base consisted of affluent customers, so they expected high standard designs.

Challenges ThePro3DStudio faced

The clients were short of time and wanted prototypes on the next day of their specification submission. After the approval of the prototype, they wanted us to deliver 150 model designs within a period of 4-5 days. Also, apart from the shortage of time, we had to face some other challenges:

  • Their models had intricate designs. So, we had to organize an experienced team to work round the clock with no room for errors and reworks.
  • They had many offline and online marketing channels, so the design formats need to work well on all platforms.
  • This client needed electronic product models to override competitors.
  • The client had budget constraints for this project. So, we had to choose and work on cost-effective and efficient technical resources.

Trial Phase

Normally, clients want quality assurance before the project gets started. We provided them with our previous work samples. Besides, we offered a free trial to show that their project is at the hand of a reputed product modelingcompany. After the completion of the trial phase, the client was satisfied with our quality.

The trial work they sent us consisted of 3 product images that required the A-Z of the work process.

We had the trial work done by the best 3D experts in our company. The time for the trial work was 4 hours. However, it got completed much earlier.

Signing the Work Contract and Starting-off the project

The client, satisfied with our models, hired our 3D modeling services. The deadline was short. But the need was for high-quality results. So, we allotted the work to experts.

We deployed advanced software to complete the product design for delivery. We usually adhered to a 3-step proven strategy for all our modeling projects.

Finally, after the completion of the design and development, our QA team tests the design model. After QA, the product is ready for delivery. As a reliable company offering electronic products 3D design services, we always ensure that our design, development and QA gets done via cutting-edge resources.


As we had assigned individual teams for each process, we could finish the project on time. Besides, we completed the work as per their specifications without compromising on quality.

The clients expressed their satisfaction as our product designs meet their expectations.

Our product models helped the clients to save on manufacturing costs. They were able to produce goods that were both elegant and efficient. With these models, they were able to market their products better than before.

As a result, they saw increased sales at their online and retail showrooms. It helped them establish themselves as a reputed manufacturer in the country. Now, they are a regular client who outsources their visualization projects to us to date.

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